Cleaning Service Provider company In Copenhagen

We offer cleaning according to your needs and listen to our customers. A good dialogue is essential to be able to provide a professional service that helps your company achieve your goals. With an efficient and good cleaning help Rengøringshjælp, you can focus on your core business. At jacobsens-rengø, you have one contact person, so communication slides as easily as possible.

Customers include a large number of different customers throughout the Nordic region. Here is everything from some of the largest companies to retail chains and stores, hotels, the public sector and medium-sized companies. With a professional cleaning service, you are guaranteed a good working environment and the right conditions for high productivity. No matter what your core competencies are, we make sure to keep track of the cleaning so you can have peace of mind to focus on what is most important to your business.

we also have expertise in hotel cleaning . We know that a clean, neat and inviting room and hotel environment are essential for a good customer experience. We have extensive experience in providing both cleaning, reception assistance and assistance for the kitchen and can offer customized solutions at a competitive price.

Facility for business and office

Do you need more services than cleaning? Rengøringsservice provides full service with office facilities, care of green areas, canteen for business and much more. With us, you can get a complete solution from one supplier with one contact person. We provide service functions with a professional starting point.

Cleaning The service standard

Do not know the Service Standard? Up to 85% from private businesses and 58% from the public sector do not know the Service Standard, so you are definitely not alone if you have to nod in the affirmative. The service standard guarantees proper service and a serious supplier with control of the cases. It should make it easier for companies to choose a serious partner in service and cleaning. The service standard was introduced by the Service Industry Employers’ Association. In order to live up to the Service Standard’s certification scheme, cleaning and service companies must live up to a large number of requirements, including: 

  1. Financial security
  2. quality assurance
  3. Respect for the environment
  4. Good work environment
  5. Well-organized staff conditions
  6. Education and competence

We are a quiet company based in and have not done much in sales and marketing, and yet we have always had great success with our business concept. Basically, we are not better than the employee who performs the work, therefore it is very important to us that the employee is well and happy to go to work, it has meant that we have been able to honor our employees better than others and by that is why our administration is smaller and we have our employees in return for many years. 

We perform cleaning Erhvervsrengøring in all its variants. We help a large number of different customers to handle their daily cleaning and maintenance and we can both move out when the need arises, and we can offer to make a firm agreement, so you can be sure that your business is always clean and presentable.

If the windows need to be plastered, we are also ready to help both private and business. We can also handle the window cleaning with our dead water system, the advantage here is that we can reach up to the 7th floor from the ground, just as it can also be used if the facade and window frames have to be washed at the same time. Lift tasks are also a task we can handle.

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