Cardiac Rhythm’s Revolutionary Pay-Per-Use Heart Monitoring Services for Patients & Physicians

In this modern age, the one prominent ailment of the human body that connects the entire populace of the world, regardless of age or gender, is of the heart. Statistically, cardiovascular diseases are a major reason for death with over 17 million deaths occurring in 2019 alone. A majority of these deaths were related to unexpected strokes and heart attacks.

The global rat race has led to an increased stress factor in people; coupled with poor diets, disturbed sleep patterns and negligible exercise, leads to a toxic cocktail that is primed to generate health issues even in the strongest of individuals. While the rigors of workload and priorities are unavoidable, it is possible to negate the detrimental effects via early detection and concomitant therapy.

Keeping these lifesaving principles in mind, the Pay-Per-Use heart monitoring service has been developed to make it more inviting, economical and feasible for patients to adopt new technology, such that the fear of investing in an unfamiliar therapy does not hold them back from receiving the necessary health care benefits. One such facility is Cardiac Rhythm, which is a heart monitoring system designed by incorporating state-of-the-art technology and facilities to cater to patients at a large magnitude and at the same time provide superior care and support.

What are the benefits of Pay-Per-Use services?

The Cardiac Rhythm monitor is designed as such that it works in tandem with a variety of ECG devices like Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT), Holter monitor etc. It is also compatible with implants and wearable biosensors that perform as remote heart monitor. These remote sensors are triggered automatically during an episode of arrhythmia and instantly send information, via wireless means to a centralized server, providing near real-time data to physicians, enabling them to provide quick, seamless treatment.

Nonetheless, there is no point in offering these innovative services if there are reservations on the part of the patient undergoing treatment due to the concerns of exorbitant charges for the same. Hence, to assuage these quandaries, the option for Pay-Per-Use heart health monitoring devices is offered to the clientele and it provides the following benefits:

  • It allows for a frugal means of adopting the services and receiving the requisite treatment without investing in expensive equipment for monitoring cardiac health.
  • The patient saves time and money by not having to visit the hospital for follow-ups as thanks to this service and the technology it incorporates, near real-time data regarding the patient’s cardiac health is systematically provided to their respective physicians to monitor as and when required.
  • It is in the welfare of the hospitals and physicians by assisting them to acquire more clients and provide therapy on the go through the acquisition of near real-time data regarding a patient’s condition.
  • This alternative also reduces the wastage of resources as the high-tech components involved in fabricating the wearable sensor technology are not discarded after use, thus reducing the E-waste problem that plagues mankind and this planet.
  • This service is also augmented via the MyBeat CRM platform that aims to increase efficiency, eliminate paperwork, track performance and provide rapid reporting. MyBeat CRM also features smartphone-based applications for patients and physicians that runs on a HIPAA cloud infrastructure to deliver an exceptional 24*7*365 service

How does the Cardiac Rhythm AI heart monitor work and what does it do?

The advent of technology into our daily lives has ushered in an age where innovative, cutting-edge developments are consistently transformed into global trends to benefit the masses. This is where TechIndia has adopted the role to merge the role of AI along with the software to detect and diagnose cardiac arrhythmias at an enhanced level, providing accuracy and precision to the range of 21 categories of cardiac arrhythmia by using cardiac arrhythmia monitoring devices.                                                                        

The software of Cardiac Rhythm AI is based on machine learning algorithm-driven noise filters that refine the output provided by traditional heart monitoring software, and automate it, to provide an efficient approach toward detecting a varied range of heart rhythms to accurately diagnose a heart condition.

The integration of the presently available methods of arrhythmia detection with deep learning and 14 layers of Deep Convolutional Neural Network is vital for rapid diagnosis as it provides an exceptional interpretation ability from the collection and analysis of data from current methods of monitoring heart rhythms.

The method of creating a model, that describes a particular cardiac event, involves the formulation of a data pipeline that at first gathers the data, then streamlines it for further processing via a CRISP-DM phase to acquire the concomitant data for the model and as a result furnish accurate and valid diagnosis. It also uses this to generate hybrid prediction models to assist in future diagnoses. Using these techniques, the Rhythm AI heart monitoring software guarantees a score of 98% and 95% for accuracy and precision respectively.

Outcomes of using the Pay-Per-Use heart health monitoring service

Technology has always aimed at improving human lives and the Cardiac Rhythm AI software achieves the same via the following means:

  • The primary and most significant aspect of this software is the reduction in the response time of a doctor or hospital, as it provides near real-time details regarding the patient’s condition, facilitating accurate interpretation of ECG data, the correct resolution and subsequent therapy.
  • The incorporation of biosensors and wireless technology coupled with a centralized cloud-based infrastructure aids in remote heart monitoring, which reduces the degree of revisits by a patient for follow-ups; making it economical, by saving on travelling and frequent consultation charges, as these services can be availed from the comfort of one’s home.
  • The provision of Pay-Per-Use is an added benefit for new patients that eliminates any hesitations that they may harbour towards an unchartered territory. This feature allows patients to indulge in treatment using cutting-edge technology, providing added value for money by only charging for the amount of time the services are  used. This not only promotes the quicker acceptance of an innovative technique but is also economical for the patient and reduces the impact of hard to recycle E-waste that is a rampant problem.
  • The online presence of all treatment related functions also reduces the burden on physicians and related staff, allowing for the optimum allocation of their time and resources. This in turn also reduces paperwork that would be otherwise required; improving efficiency, expediting the reporting process, reducing cost of materials and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Patients are also provided the benefit of being made self-aware and alert regarding their condition and also their physical health and well-being. The long term holter monitoring service offered by Cardiac Rhythm promotes the level of involvement by patients, encourages them to take charge and educate themselves regarding their condition and better prepare for their roles, care plans and other responsibilities. Thus, this interactive process improves their engagement and furthermore, the possibility of positive results from therapy.


As we progress on our journey to the future, technology will provide stepping stones for the betterment of mankind. Novel advancements in technologies will continue to enhance the outputs of the industrial sector. The healthcare sector is one such facet that continues to proliferate with the adoption of such advancements, bestowing us with a revamped performance and ever-expanding convenience, through their automation of processes and procedures. AI and machine learning are the giants on whose shoulders rests the fates of all high-tech industries of this modern age, and with the advent of tech solutions such as Cardiac Rhythm; one can dream of a bright and shiny future where patient-doctor relationships are strengthened and more lives are saved through quick and correct diagnosis with Cardiac Rhythm’s Heart Performance Monitoring Services.

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