Car Insurance and Tire Damages: Here’s What You Need to Know

Automobile insurance is a complicated business and not too many people actually understand the nitty-gritty of it.

There are more than a dozen different types of vehicular insurance packages in the United States- including comprehensive and collision insurance besides liability coverage and personal injury protection. 

Whenever you purchase a set of high-tech aftermarket wheels or branded tires, you will sometimes require rim and tire financing as a helping hand. The specific type of financing depends on your credit score and the retailer’s tie-ups with companies that provide such services.

That said, does the insurance package you have subscribed to cover damage to tires? 

This is a tricky question since most insurance companies will cover damage to aftermarket wheels you might have bought, like ESR Wheels

Let’s see what the law says!

Tires and their insurance coverage

Tires, whether they are heavy-duty and load-bearing 4×4 models, or summer, winter, and all-season models, are susceptible to damage like all other major parts of your vehicle.

They require as much care as your fresh set of Fuel or Velocity Wheels.

According to the extant laws in the United States, your collision or comprehensive vehicle coverage packages do protect the tires too- but to a certain extent.

Since most top-of-the-shelf tires are very expensive, the rim and tire financing you just availed might come bundled with insurance coverage. It is imperative that you read the T&Cs very carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

When does insurance cover tire damage?

The following circumstances are the only instances when your insurance provider will cover damages:

  • Tires get slashed or are subject to vandalism: There are several neighborhoods in almost every city of the USA where vandalism is rampant. Should you unfortunately fall victim to such incidents, rest assured that the insurance provider will cover all repair costs.
  • Damage sustained due to accidents: Nasty road-accidents will not only leave a dent in your high-end ESR Wheels; they will also damage the tires greatly. When you have collision coverage, you can breathe a sigh of relief as all costs incurred (across the board) will be covered fully.

This is where we must once again insist that you read the rim and tire financing details and check if these coverage options are present.

  • Stolen tires: Did your much-loved and reliable tires get stolen? Was there substantial defacement to the Velocity Wheels (or any other rims) as well? Worry not; the insurance company will cover these issues as well.
  • Damage from bad roads and potholes: Surely, you know that driving hard and fast over potholes can create massive damage to the underside of your vehicle and the rims and tires too. 

If you can prove that the tires have been disfigured or gutted from such roads, the insurance company will definitely take steps.

When does insurance not cover tire damages?

This is the flip side. The following are instances when an insurance company will not provide you with the financial cushion even if your aftermarket rims like ESR Wheels have sustained injuries.

  • A flat tire: If you notice that you have a flat tire one just as you were about to leave home for the office, you will have to call your local retailer from whom you availed rim and tire financing. Punctured tubes are outside the purview of insurance cover.

That said, your local retailer might also provide you with roadside assistance, which can be of great help!

  • Tires shorn due to negligence: Wear and tear affects even the costliest of tires, and it is up to you to ensure that they are in proper shape. If the tires have had significant damage due to unnoticed wear (instances where you might not have paid too much attention to the vehicle in general), you will have to look after the replacements by yourself!

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to always keep an eye on both your precious (and expensive) Velocity Wheels and the Continental/Michelin/Nexen/Hankook/Apollo tubes!

  • Damage caused by road debris: If you have ever had serious damage to the tires caused by debris picked up while running (items like glass shards, nails, or other metal shards), you will have to purchase a new set of tires from your wallet. Insurance cover will be unavailable.

It is always recommended to purchase suitable tires which will fit your latest set of Velocity Wheels like a glove.

A few final words

If you want insurance coverage for your tires too, there are 2 principal options open to you.

One is ‘Road Hazard Protection.’ You will probably be able to purchase this cover at the retailer which also provided you with the rim and tire financing!

The second is a ‘Tire and Wheel Protection’ cover. This is a specialized insurance package designed for protecting expensive tires. It is a must-have in case you are an off-roading enthusiast.

It is always advised to procure tires from the best brands. This is where a pro tip comes in handy!

If you have access to run-flat tires, perhaps you can use them for a few months and decide whether they perform better than the ones you currently use.

The name implies that these types have superior puncture resistance, which is a major nuisance. For more details, do have a talk with your retailer!

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