Canvas Printing: Everything You Need To Know About Canvas Prints

Because we carry a digital camera around all day, more unique moments are captured and stored. From your partner, the children, the pets, parties, landscapes, special buildings, days out, holidays, sports events, festivals and you can add to this list even further. Otherwise, just look in your digital album on your iPhone, Samsung or Huawei. In the past, a photo album was taken out of the closet when the special moments were shared. And we had photos printed by the photographer. And it was special and expensive to have a photo enlarged to be hung on the wall or in a frame with a fold-out support so that it could stand on a table. In any case, there was a long delivery time. And today? Now we go to an online shop such as Printerpix , upload the photo to be printed from our smartphone, choose the format, the material that can be printed on and we pay immediately. And within a few days we receive a photographic “painting” made via a personalised canvas.

How does Printing on Canvas work?

Canvas is a substrate, a print material, that can be printed on. The canvas version for large format printers is specially designed so that ink can adhere easily. Printing on canvas gives a photo a painting look. And that’s how you create a unique and special copy of “painting”. Also called, “painting on demand”. Canvas is available on the roll and thus offers the possibility to print many different sizes. The size limitation is determined by the maximum print size of the large format plotter. Plotters with which you can print on canvas already start with the DIN A2 format (17 inch plotter size) and go up to 60 inches.  How does custom canvas work? You place a roll of canvas substrate in the plotter and you send the digital file to the printer. The size of the print, the quality and the speed of the plotter determine how fast your print is printed. The quality?

What determines the quality of Printing on Canvas?

Everything starts with a quality original. The better the digital photo, the more beautiful the print will be. At least, what really matters is that the original and the printer are optimally matched. The weakest link often sets the standard and this is no different. If you have a standard four-color plotter, you have a different color range than with a 12-color plotter. Normally it is also important whether you are going to use the print indoors or outdoors. But that often doesn’t play a role with Printing on Canvas. 12 color plotters are ideal for printing high-end photography and high-quality art. When printing photos and art, it is important to have knowledge of the entire process, from photography to print and post-processing.

Which Plotter is the Best Choice for Printing on Canvas?

Ultimately, the purpose of the print determines whether it pays to invest a lot of time in optimizing Print on Canvas. And whether an investment in a plotter of more than 4 colors is a profitable investment. If you are a full service print company and you have Print on Canvas in your range, you may want to be able to fulfill the wishes and requirements of your customers as broadly as possible. But you also look at production speed, number of rolls in the plotter and the print format. If you are a photographer and you produce high-end photos for hobby, projects, exhibitions or as a salable end product, the print quality and the color range play an important role. Every situation requires thorough and tailor-made advice. For Printing on Canvas, our rental printers offer plotters of the brands Canon, HP and Epson. The three market leaders in wide format printing. Each with its own specific brand experience. Would you like more information about which plotters are best suited within your budget for Printing on 

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