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Can Your Business create local business listings for your company?


Adding your small business to Google My Business and some other local search directories is a great approach to reach out to new clients, raise brand awareness, and enhance your company’s online profile. Your local listing may be removed if your firm does not follow the rules and restrictions provided by these directories. Hiring a local SEO specialist New York can help you a great deal in this regard.

This article will guide you about the correctness of your business listing for local search engine results and how to fix the listing if it isn’t.

What Factors Affect Eligibility for a Local Listing?

Not only can local business listings enhance your search engine ranking, but they can also provide essential data to your customers, like your location, open hours, website Link, and contact number.

Therefore, to make your listing suitable for local search, Google My Business and other business listing services have a set of standards that you must follow. This is done to avoid people from taking business listings illegally and to assure that local business directories have the up-to-date and correct information. Your Google My Business listing may be suspended if you violate these criteria inadvertently.

The following are the primary requirements for your business to be qualified for local listings.

A Physical Location for Your Business:

Since most online business directories demand address verification when generating a local company listing, firms must have a physical place where customers may be directed.

Since they do not represent a specific local area, businesses operating entirely online are not qualified for a local business listing to show up in Google’s local search results. Virtual companies, on the other hand, can construct a Google brand page rather than a local business listing through Google My Business.

Ownership of the Company:

To build and register an online listing for a business, you must own it or have written permission from the owner. Only one listing per business is allowed for both business owners and qualifying non-owners.

Reliable and up-to-date business data:

Contact details for your company should be accurate among all local business networks. This will enhance your local search optimization and ensure that your company listing is suitable to display in local search results, making it easier for people to locate you online and offline.

It’s also worth noting that promotional elements should be avoided in your internet business listing. Keep it simple when using Google My Business and other local directories to prevent getting trapped in spam filters.

Common causes for local listing ineligibility:

A company listing’s quality is just as important as its accuracy. Business listings might be suspended for a variety of reasons, ranging from minor mistakes on the side of the business owner to search engine standards beyond your control. Let’s look at it more closely.

Age-restricted or sensitive products & services:

Businesses that offer alcoholic beverages, tobacco goods, firearms, and other age-restricted commodities may be denied a Google My Business listing. To avoid being declared ineligible, business owners that offer age-restricted items must be conscious of how they present their company. Illegal or offensive content is also forbidden.

Information from the business description that isn’t relevant:

You may add a business description to most local listings to provide clients with more details about what you do or what you sell. Because this area is meant to emphasise what makes your company special, submitting irrelevant information may result in your listing being suspended.

Fraud or spam suspicions:

Some services, such as rehab clinics, carpet cleaners, lawyers, and electricians, are more typically linked with spam than others. Because spam filters are stricter for certain types of businesses, your web listing may be suspended mistakenly.

Account for shared listings:

Google My Business and other local directories may reject your application if the account you used to create your local business listing is already affiliated with another.

Updates to the algorithm:

Due to Google’s algorithm adjustments, business owners may find it difficult to appear in local search engine results even if they follow all of the rules.

How to Reinstate a Suspended Local Listing?

Reinstating a Suspended Local Listing is a three-step process, according to Google:

  •       Examine the Google My Business Policies.
  •       Review your listing by logging into your Google My Business account.
  •       Submit a reinstatement request.

Google will examine your company listing after you complete these procedures, and if it fits with their criteria, your profile will be reinstated.

It is important that you employ the services of a reputable SEO agency, such as Mapi-it Inc if you want the best out of local search engine optimization. 


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