Cameron Cowan Enters Fiction World With Two Books

Cameron Cowan is an established researcher and writer. His journey involves fascinating twists and turns similar to his creative writing. He firmly believes that – ‘If you are fortunate as a writer then history may talk about you but if you are blessed then your thumbprint will stay imprinted on civilization for eternity’. 

Cameron Cowan has been writing for a long time but has entered the fiction world with his book ‘Cast Iron’. It is his debut novel, which he started in 2014. He had some ideas and wrote a few pages but got stuck and did not find a way to execute the idea. When he read Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland, he discovered a way to extend a novel around a single disastrous moment that shuffles a life. 

Cast Iron depicts how Randy Carruth’s momentous decision sent him to jail. His entire life was turmoil even though he was not wrong. A huge part of the story is to educate people on how to handle situations when they are cornered. 

Cast Iron explores the journey of a young man, whose life is lost in the prison system as well as after being released. He enters the world of male prostitution and drugs, so will he find a way home, or has he lost his way? Will he forgive the ones that have offended and broken his heart?

Cameron Cowan has thrown lots of hurtful, fearful, and dangerous curves in this young boy’s way. It is too much for a young adult to handle. Readers have connected with this young emotional character and have praised the book. 

Cameron Cowan released another fiction book, ‘What the hell is going on’? It is an essay collection written to help people understand the world of media, politics, and the environment. Humanity is encountering big issues, which are not new. Everyone is active within a narrative that started 4 decades ago and now it is getting to its pinnacle. So, don’t panic or respond to another tweet without understanding the entire plot about the happenings.

Context is authoritative, so understand the related news rather than getting misinformed by clickbait ads or sensational headlines we are bombarded 24/7 in this digital era. The world is a crazy podium, so understand the context and realize ‘What the hell is going on?’

Cameron helps people navigate around with a well-researched and informative book. The book talks about Capitalism & Democracy, Discounters & Deregulation, Financial crisis & World destruction, Climate change & Global warming, Nations & Nationalism, Teachers & Chalkboards, Racism 2:0, and more. 

The book is a collection of Cameron’s practical knowledge over years. During his YouTube show – ‘The Cameron Cowan Show’, he had written these big informational essays and wanted to share this entire collection with his fans. It is a guidebook and not just an essay book. It is an elementary textbook to understand the world in the Trump era and be informative about ‘What the hell is going on’?

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