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Call forwarding: How to Activate and Deactivate It

Call forwarding is a service provided by all the Italian telephone companies, both on the moving line of the fixed one, which serves to divert, in fact, calls for revenue from their main number to a different one.

The deviation or call forwarding can then be activated either on a cell phone number that the number of home or office when you can not answer the phone when the number is busy or unreachable.

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Normally the cost depends on the type of tariff plan present on the destination telephone line, the one to which we divert the call. Only in the case of a fixed number, there can also be a surcharge in the form of a fee in order to use the service.

Call forwarding to the mobile number

Compared to in the past, call forwarding is now particularly useful on your mobile phone number . This is because we may be temporarily absent on one of our numbers, perhaps our work number, and need to transfer calls to our personal number in a particular circumstance.

Or, it is a very useful service if you also have a landline, perhaps in the office, and when the number is busy, you still want to forward calls to your mobile. Let’s start with the first hypothesis.

On our smartphone the call transfer can be activated or deactivated both directly from the device and in particular from the settings menu, and by typing some specific codes that depend on the mobile phone operator.

Ios system

For example, in the case of an iPhone, you will have to enter the settings menu , then in the phone category until you select call forwarding , at this point you can decide whether to activate it with ON, or deactivate it with OFF. In short, nothing could be simpler. At this point, in case you are activating call forwarding for the first time, you will of course have to type in the phone number to which the calls are to be transferred and save everything.

Android system

If, on the other hand, you have an Android smartphone, you will always have to go to the settings menu and enter the calls item and then select the call transfer . Therefore, you will have to set the call forwarding options, if to always activate it, only for calls that you do not answer due to the busy or unreachable line. Here, too, you will have to enter the number to which the calls are to be diverted.

Use of codes

You should know, however, that there are also ad hoc codes that you can type very simply on the keypad of your phone and that allow you to activate or deactivate the transfer of calls.

By typing the code you choose on your screen a warning message of the activated service should appear.

On the other hand, the following codes can be used to deactivate call forwarding: by typing ## 002 # on the keypad and pressing enter all call forwarding is deactivated, with ## 61 # and send the forwarding is deactivated when you cannot answer the call. telephone, with ## 62 # and enter the diversion is removed when you are not reachable and, finally, by typing the code ## 67 # followed by enter the diversion is eliminated when your number is busy.

Call forwarding to your desk phone

As we said, call forwarding can be activated (and therefore also deactivated) also on the fixed telephone number , through the customer service of our telephone operator or even with codes very similar to those used for mobile telephony. If you want to call the customer service of your telephone company, you will need to call the specific number, speak to an operator and request the activation or deactivation of the service.

If, on the other hand, you want to use a code directly on the keypad of your landline phone, you can use different ones according to your needs. Keep in mind, however, that – unlike what happens with a mobile phone – call forwarding usually involves an additional monthly fee compared to your normal tariff plan for the fixed line.

Costs and codes

So, especially if you decide to activate it by calling your operator’s customer service directly, it will be advisable to ask for the related service costs which generally range from a minimum of 1.50 up to 3 euros depending on the telephone company.

The code to type on the keypad also depends on the operator, in any case, usually by typing * 21 * followed by the number on which you want to transfer the calls and by the # key you can activate call forwarding. In case you decide to deactivate it instead you can do it using the code # 21 #.

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