Buying Guide For Teak Patio Furniture

Your garden is an extension of your house, therefore you should add quality furnishings. At The Teak Place, our teak garden furniture fits all outdoor environments.

When you evaluate all the main variables, it might be tough to locate the ideal garden furniture.

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Sustainability

The Teak Place teak garden furniture checks all the boxes, and we’ll help you select the right set. Our teak garden furniture shopping guide covers measuring your outside area and choosing the perfect furniture.

Teak Garden Furniture Measurements

Teak’s durability makes it the best choice for outdoor furniture. Before purchasing teak furniture for your room, measure the furniture and the area it’s going into. Note the depth, height, and breadth of each teak product.

Using masking tape, draw out your garden furniture to get a more exact size than using square footage. After marking out your teak garden furniture, wander around to see whether it works.


  • Can dining chairs be moved safely?
  • Is there room around furniture?
  • Does furniture restrict exits or pathways?

Consider an extensible teak dining table or our teak folding outdoor chairs for small outdoor settings where quality cannot be sacrificed.

Teak Care

Teak is easy to maintain. This sturdy timber can tolerate harsh weather. Fresh teak is golden-brown and matures to silver-grey naturally. Once a year, sand teak furniture and apply a wood treatment to prevent aging. Our teak maintenance guide has care guidelines.

Teak Furniture Storage

Teak garden furniture may be placed outside year-round due to its natural oils. If you want to keep your teak to maintain the color or conserve yard space during the winter, we propose a garage, shed, or outhouse.

What Are Teak’s Grades?

You may encounter ‘grades’ when looking for teak outdoor furniture. This defines the teak’s quality. Top-quality teak is always Grade A. The Teak Place only uses Grade A teak, which is knot-free and has a rich, curved grain. Grade A teak doesn’t split or shrink and has a consistent color. Our teak is sustainable, and all of our furniture is SVLK-certified to show that it was lawfully harvested and may be sold in any EU nation.

How Do I Choose Teak Patio Furniture?

You can buy teak garden furniture for a huge garden, a patio, or a balcony. Knowing what you want makes choosing a set or building a unique seating arrangement easier.

Teak Garden Sets

Our teak garden sets are perfect for outside eating. There’s a set for all outdoor locations, from circular teak tables to 12-seat extensible tables.

Teak Chairs

Our teak dining chairs are great for freestanding sitting or adding to an existing dining table or bistro table. Choose from fixed, foldable, and stackable teak dining chairs for space-saving convenience. Place our teak dining chairs where you choose and enjoy the view.

Teak Patio Furniture

Teak benches are great for smaller settings or adjacent to a beauty spot or water feature in a bigger garden. A teak garden bench may be added to our teak garden tables as an informal alternative to eating seats.

Teak garden loungers make sunbathing stylish. Our teak sun loungers are attractive, comfy, and made from the best teak. You can even lay them flat for extra outdoor sitting.

Choosing An Excellent Teak Maker

The Teak Place exclusively sells Grade A sustainable teak. Every piece of teak that leaves our warehouse is inspected, and our sourcing and production methods are transparent. Here’s how to pick a reliable teak furniture store.

  • Is Grade A teak advertised?
  • Is the teak sustainable?
  • Is the pricing too good? Teak is a lifetime investment.
  • Do you have client reviews?
  • Upon arrival, examine for well-fitted, tidy joints.
  • Is teak sturdy? Teak designs with narrower legs/arms are inferior.

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