Bird Garden Ornaments You’ll Love In 2021

Garden bird ornaments come in many different shapes and sizes with an array of materials used to capture our winged friends. From wood to concrete and metal to resin, there’s a hard-wearing and eye-catching ornament that will bring an enchanting addition to your outside space.

Often, we survey our gardens and feel that something is missing from the landscape, but don’t rush to add another plant or water feature! Stop to consider what a garden ornament could bring to your exterior environment.

As with all forms of art and craft, the appeal can be subjective and it’s worthwhile considering what feel you want to go for. Is it whimsical and full or wonderment or modern and unapologetic?

The Good and Bad of Garden Ornaments

Whilst we can incorporate our favourite plant into the garden that reflects our taste to a degree, a garden ornament can let your personality shine through. Some people opt for a traditional gnome or an abstract piece of art, whatever your taste there is a design that works for you.

Garden ornaments vary vastly in budget with many high price tags but do not feel pressured into splashing the cash as there are some great budget-friendly ornaments out there that can make a real impact. You can bring a great sense of art and style to your outdoor space without the need to exceed double figures, all made to look beautiful and be long-lasting.

A garden is an all-year-round feature and often lots of thought is put into how you can keep a garden looking interesting and presentable in the cooler months with hardy plants and later blossoming foliage. It is worthwhile considering that garden ornaments retain their look and feel 12 months of the year, meaning you retain that beauty and charm, whatever the weather.

If you go too big and bold there is a risk, you can distract from the natural elements of your garden by overshadowing it with a garnish ghoul or a tacky statue. Consider what garden ornament will enhance its environment rather than smother it.

It is also worth considering the intricacy of your garden ornament in terms of how easily it could be damaged and how costly it would be to replace.

Bird garden ornaments enable freedom of creativity and expression with a balance of natural form and acceptance from its surroundings. Birds are regular visitors to most gardens and so is a familiar sight with the opportunity of a constant presence in an art form.

Whether a dawdling duck or a charming chicken, a bird garden ornament does add an element of character and personality to your outdoor space. Place next to a water feature to deter a heron from your pond or position in a flower bed to enhance the surrounding beauty.