Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become essential for patients seeking online doctor consultations

Numerous online doctor consultation apps make speaking with a doctor from a distance simple and convenient. Communication between a doctor and a patient is undoubtedly more straightforward than in the past, thanks to these apps. Additionally, since you can consult doctors from home, the office, or anywhere else, the safety issues are also addressed.

In this article, we will preview the best online doctor consultation apps.

Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps


Locate, schedule, and engage in a video conference with your preferred healthcare provider wherever you may be in the MENA region.

ISTISHARTAK enables you to create a personal health folder for you or your family members. List your medical issues, upload documents like reports, radiology and pathology images, and laboratory results, and list your current medications. To find the provider you require, search through the app directory of doctors and allied health professionals after completing your profile.

Verified, qualified, and board-certified physicians can help you in almost all primary specialities and subspecialties. If you can’t find your preferred doctor, send him a link so he can join the ISTISHARTAK family.


MDLIVE is one of the top online doctor consultation apps. MDLIVE accepts insurance. Depending on your insurance plan, Psychiatry consultations cost no more than $284, dermatological appointments cost no more than $95, while Urgent care appointments are priced under $82.

You can connect with adult and child doctors via MDLive and access psychiatry, mental health therapy, and other services anytime you need them. When your primary care physician is unavailable, MDLIVE is intended to provide quick, simple, and accessible access to a doctor for non-emergency problems.


Lemonaid is one of the most famous online doctor consultation apps. There is no insurance accepted by the Lemonaid mail-order pharmaceutical service. However, if you use your insurance coverage instead, you’ll need to verify this with your insurer and ask Lemonaid to ship your medications to a nearby drugstore. 

The Lemonaid app provides A quick and easy approach to getting a diagnosis and starting treatment. You pay a $25 consultation fee to the doctor and can get free, fast delivery from the Lemonaid Pharmacy.

Choose a service and respond to a few simple health queries. After payment, a doctor will assess your case within 24 hours. In certain states, you could also require a quick video consultation. Your prescription can be mailed to a neighbourhood pharmacy or delivered to your door.


LiveHealth is a well-known online doctor consultation app that accepts insurance plans. Without a plan, initial appointments for psychiatry cost $59 or $175, and follow-up appointments cost $75.

When you need a qualified doctor, LiveHealth will send one to you. Register, log in, and select the best physician. There is no need for you to schedule anything. Doctors are available 24/7 on LiveHealth. You may have a private, secure video connection with a doctor in ten minutes or less.


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