Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Maintenance plugins are necessary on every WordPress site. With its help, you can avoid any negative impacts your visitors may have if they visit your site while under maintenance.

With maintenance plugins, you can build a page and inform visitors of the current situation, and set their expectations about the website re-launch. Maintenance plugins also prevent your page from going completely offline while under construction.

What are the best Maintenance plugins for WordPress?

  • WP Maintenance
  • UnderConstruction Page
  • Coming Soon WP

WP Maintenance is the best maintenance plugin

Your page visitors do not have to see your site is under maintenance. That is where the WP Maintenance plugin comes in. You can easily set up a page that your site visitors will see while you’re working on your page in the back-end.

You can choose from more than 20 theme templates that were prepared by WP Maintenance designers and copywriters. You can use these templates and adjust them to your needs and get the perfect page in minutes.

When you activate this plugin, only users with admin-level access will be able to access the page and see the front end. For visitors, you can set up a timer and inform them of the page’s new availability date.

WP Maintenance Mode has many other customizable options (social media icons, contact forms..), SEO options, responsive design, and can function with any WordPress theme.

Under Construction Page is another terrific maintenance plugin

This simple to use and advanced plugin comes with a drag and drop editor that lets you build pages without hassle.  UnderConstructionPage plugin comes with 320+ templates and 3.7 million premium images in HD and 4K resolution that let you create any page easily.

With UPC, you can create any type of page you need – landing pages, maintenance pages, sales pages, coming soon pages, and under construction pages. Also, you can direct the traffic to your page with the help of inbound links that you can share on your social media or among your affiliates.

Many additional features of this plugin are customer support, Google Analytics Tracking ID, popups, and social icons. Also, the plugin has an option for whitelisted users and whitelisted user roles (for users or user roles who have to see the site, not the construction page) and an automatic end time that automatically shuts down the under-construction mode on a set date.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is one of thesimplest to use

Some of the main features of this plugin are that it works perfectly with other WordPress themes and plugins and that it’s fully responsible and highly customizable under the construction page. Also, the Coming Soon& Maintenance Mode plugin can disable all plugins for a specific IP address, set background colour and image, custom logo, and social media icons.

In addition, the Coming Soon plugin is SEO friendly and allows users to set up meta descriptions and keywordson a page.

With 170+ themes and more than 2 million images and Instagram filters, you will be able to build a highly customizable page for your site or do a rebranding of your page. The plugin also supports various marketing & webinar software, CRM, and even autoresponders.


Every website needs a regular check-up and maintenance, and if you want to choose the best plugins for this, use the following:

  • WP Maintenance
  • Under Construction Page
  • Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

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