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Which is the best country to study event management?

Conferences, trade shows, seminars, corporate events, product launches, corporate off-site and executive meetings, private events, music performances, charity events, marriage ceremonies, periodic business gatherings, and company parties are different types of events organised on a large scale. Event managers or planners try the best of their skills and abilities to create, design and execute memorable events that fulfil the wishes of their clients and attendees.

With increased corporate, personal, and social events, the event management field has witnessed incredible development in the past few years. According to Statista, the event management software (EMS) market value in the world stood at USD 6.38 billion in 2017. As event management is an enticing and lucrative career path, it appeals to a large chunk of students with a vision of creating something extraordinary with their skillsets. A master’s in event management course is the perfect way to learn relevant skillsets and launch their career in the dynamic and highly competitive event management field.

Best country to pursue event management

Event management courses are offered across the world. Germany is well-known for providing competitive event management courses. Germany’s event management programmes equip students with theoretical concepts and practical skills about events. These programmes also help students get internships in event management companies besides allowing them to forge links with people in the industry. Students can find many top-ranked event management colleges in Germany that promise them to become successful future business leaders on the global stage.

Some top-ranked business schools in Germany’s Berlin offer an 18-month master’s in hospitality, tourism, and event management degree programme. This course motivates students and helps them acquire the practical skills required to thrive in the hospitality, tourism, and event management industry.

Master in event management courses in Germany is tailor-made for creative, ambitious, and proactive aspirants who wish to create their own identity. Studying event management in Germany brings candidates an inch closer to the large-scale event management industry, where they can intern and find job opportunities upon completing the programme.

German events have relatively large audiences as compared to other developed nations. Above all, master’s in event management degree programmes in Germany are considerably more affordable for both domestic and international students. German business schools also offer a variety of scholarships to motivate international students to pursue their dream programme and help them reduce their financial burden. Furthermore, German business schools offer incredible student life experience, and the cost of living in this nation is cheaper than its foreign counterparts.

Wrapping Up

Studying event management in Germany comes with a wide range of advantages, such as a robust economy, business landscape, affordable lifestyle, high standard of living, cultural diversity, and rich history. German event management courses also provide international exposure to students and allow them to build their own businesses across the world. Now that you know where you should move to pursue an event management course, browse top-ranked business schools in Germany’s Berlin to enrol in the programme.

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