Benefits of using reglazing of glasses

Remember the days when you would buy a complete set of glasses in order to get the lenses changed? Those days have gone with smart changes and advancements. Now it is all about getting your glasses reglazed. 

What are reglazing glasses?

It is nothing but a complete change of lenses to brand-new lenses on your existing frames. There are several changes that one adds to the lenses, it could be a change in prescription adding a protective coating or maybe shifting to thin lenses. To adjust to these changes one does not have to change their existing frames. The reglazing glasses help in adding these new lenses to the existing frames. The best case scenario is you get new glasses and you get to keep your favourite frames. 

Advantages of getting glasses reglazed 

There are several benefits associated when it comes to glasses reglazing, let us look at some of them:

  • The process is quite economical, where you do not have to change your existing frame, just with the lenses, so you are absolutely going light on your pocket. 
  • Providing completely brand new lenses with keeping the frames right there, now you can have multiple frames and pair them with your fashion needs. 
  • The method is quite eco-friendly as well, where there is no wastage of the frames and also zero recycling of them. Recycling also leads to the emission of pollution, and that also could be completely eliminated with the help of reglazing of glasses. 
  •  The easiest and most comfortable way to get your changes in the glasses. 

For your reglazing requirements, all you have to do is visit Specscart, their reglazing service is ¬£33.99 with fully loaded anti-glare lenses helping you to find the perfect place for all your glasses needs. 

Styles of glasses to try 

Reglazing the glasses doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment with the fashion and have multiple pairs of glasses. Fashion is inevitable and if you are looking for a pair of glasses, then we have the perfect suggestion right for you. 

Cat-eye glasses- The upsweeps that you would definitely want to give a shot at, the glamour and style these beauties carry are quite tough to beat. You can charm them with any attire and go perfectly with every face shape, so make sure to have them as your wardrobe staple. From your first great impression at work to the after party, from casuals to formals they have everything you have ever wanted. 

Round glasses- Smart and sophisticated pairs, these pretty rounds have their sleek slip through every occasion and every time. Best at complementing the sharp features, these provide a perfect balance of them. If reliving the geek era is right on your to-do list then you should definitely mark their check, as once you have these circle glasses, you entered the nerdy look you always craved for.

Square glasses- If studiousness was a pair of glasses, it would have been square glasses. The perfect shape is something that is admired throughout, and straight angels have their way when it comes to the soft features, providing completeness to every curvy feature. 

Aviator glasses– Dopest of all styles, trust us when we say there is no particular style, occasion, or even a feature, these glasses are destined to slay. Also known as the denim of the glasses world, aviator glasses have their way when it comes from the safest to most stylish of all the styles, so make sure you grab and keep them right in your bag. 

Polarised coating 

If you are looking to purchase sunglasses, then you must make sure that the lenses are packed with polarised coatings. Polarised coatings are specialised in blocking the horizontal rays that cause glare. Leading to the seamless experience, the rest of the rays pass through. Now one can definitely enjoy their time at the beach or a long drive. 

Glare is caused when the sharp light hits on a smooth surface and causes the light to reflect causing hard glare. This sometimes makes it quite difficult for one to actually look at the light. 

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