Moroccan decor and furniture

Beautiful Moroccan decor and furniture to enhance your home design

Incorporating traditional Moroccan style can be a fantastic approach to style your home and add more charm and magic to it.

Beautiful Moroccan decor and furniture to enhance your home design

Moroccan decor and moroccan furniture is unique with vibrant colors and different styles and patterns that can enhance any home design. Morocco’s decor and furnishings draw on traditions, rituals and a rich cultural heritage dating back centuries, with the many civilizations that transited through or settled in Morocco helping to shape the country’s artistic treasures.

National and international interior designers have long taken Moroccan culture, decoration and design as inspiration, bringing homes to life with everything from art to jewelry and furniture.

Moroccan furniture gives an elegant and dramatic look to any room. Exciting colors and prints, intricate patterns and intricate designs showcase Morocco’s traditional heritage, but also leave room for a modern twist.

Moroccan decor is made in different materials by artisans with talented hands and craftsmanship. These include precious metals and stones, wood, leather, stones and luxurious fabrics. Everything from small accent pieces to furniture will add a regal, elegant and attractive look to any home, even in the most humble of settings.

As you cultivate your home aesthetic, whether your style is complex bohemian design or simple and minimalist, a piece or two of Moroccan furniture can perfectly match your vision and enhance it even more.


Traditional lamps are an exciting element of Moroccan decor and home design and come in a variety of sizes, styles and patterns. Decorated with hundreds of tiny holes that cast a warm and patterned light in the dark, they give the room a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Moroccan lanterns hang or stand so you can opt for what suits your furniture layout. The option gives you more freedom to decorate your specific space. Depending on your taste, you can find light lanterns made of aluminum or heavy ones made of other metals and glass.

Amazigh (Berber) carpets

Moroccan Amazigh women have been making the world famous “Berber carpets” for centuries. In their free time, they have long used wool, and sometimes cotton, to create beautiful rugs with symbols and patterns that distinguished each Amazigh tribe from the others.

Incorporating an Amazigh Moroccan rug into your home decor will give your space a rich look with a pop of color and a fun yet elegant style that will complement almost any style of furniture. Choosing the right vintage moroccan rug in a Moroccan souk can be a challenge as there are dozens of options to choose from to incorporate into your home design. But that’s a good thing, because you’re guaranteed to find someone who speaks to you and your style.

The price of Amazigh rugs ranges from cheap to expensive, depending on the originality of the rug, the material used and the size. When you buy the beautiful rugs in Morocco you can negotiate the price and in the end they are cheaper than buying them abroad.

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