Ball Valves: Features and Functions

Are you looking forward to buying long-lasting and durable valves that serve your purpose?

Valves act as mechanical objects that help to regulate the flow of liquids, solids, and gases. This concept is not big rocket science but regulates and controls the flow and pressure. There are plenty of ball valves online that suit your requirements.

A ball valve is a turned-down valve that controls the progression of a fluid or gas through a rotating ball having a drag. These valves consist of a device similar to a ball that rotates around a quarter turn to about 90 degrees. These valves remain durable and sustain a tight sealing no matter if they remain unused.

Accordingly, they have more benefits when compared with shut-off valves and gate valves. Also, they are safer against contaminants and impurities than most different sorts of valves. In unique variants, ball valves also get utilised as control valves. This application is more uncommon because of the restricted precision of controlling the stream rate in examination with different sorts of control valves. Nonetheless, the valve additionally offers a few benefits here. For instance, it guarantees to fix, even on filthy media.

Different Types of Ball Valves and Their Applications

Before investing in them, research the types of ball valves online. And some of these are:

Threaded/Standard Ball Valves

They consist of cores, lodging, a ball, and a lever for rotating the balls. They contain multiple ports ranging from single, double, triple, and numerous that are threaded and used as a combination of both male and female. These valves are approved for use in many industries and come in many varieties. Some of them are,

  • Angled ball valves
  • Mini ball valves
  • Top valves

It also consists of a condensate strainer for draining the medium. These valves are applied in the areas of high pressure and temperature.

Flanged Ball Valves

This type of valve connects the ports to the pipeline system through flange openings. They get designed in compliance with the industrial standards. They have a closed bore design and can be used to give high flow rates of media. When you opt to buy these valves, check the compression ratio and the pressure withstanding capacity. They get manufactured using metals such as steel, iron, and aluminium. Check and analyse the valves for durability, long-lasting ability, and pressure range before investing in these valves.

Vented Ball Valves

When it comes to design, they look similar to standard valves. The main part of the valve is the vent, which drains the medium into the environment. During the opening and closing of valves, the valve releases and closes, thereby letting the fluid flow under high pressure.

Hydraulic Ball Valves

These valves are applied in heating systems like oil and petroleum that get operated under very high temperatures and pressure. These valves get manufactured with variants of steel.

These valves can be operated with high pressure of about 450 bar and a temperature of about 85 deg C.

Parts of a Ball Valve

The housing assembly of ball valves comes in three different pieces, which are:

Single Piece

This is less expensive and used in small-scale industries. It consists of a welded ball, and you cannot open the valve for cleaning purposes.

Double Piece

You can disassemble the parts for maintenance and connect the parts through threads.


These valves remain highly expensive and connected by bolts.

The ultimate benefit of these valves is that they are easy to service and maintain spare parts.

According to your purpose, research the applications of different types that best suit your requirements before buying ball valves online. Look for a durable and long-lasting one to experience with better quality valves.

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