Astrology Decoded – Why Do Cancer Men Hesitate To Take A Stand?

To love someone is different from actually making the effort to be with them. Love at first sight, to date someone, or even be in a long-term relationship is easy. But on the other hand, when you actually decide to make your relationship official, the story turns out to be entirely different. Some sail through all the turmoil and snares and take a stand to be with the one they love, but some do not end up there. 

It is quite heartbreaking to see that you invest so much into a relationship, have high hopes, and expect a future. But unfortunately, you are left stranded in the middle of nowhere because the other person does not want to take a stand or work towards the relationship. Many people who have faced such situations in life have been left heartbroken and hopeless. They say it is because of the nature of the zodiac in which the person falls. 

Cancer men can woo any woman. It is thanks to their charm or the aura that they create wherever they go. They appear pretty attractive, sensible, responsible, and promising every time you meet them, but you would realize that it is all words and no action over time. 

There have been multiple cases of women attesting to the fact that the Cancer men have behaved precisely opposite to what they were on the first day. It does not mean all Cancer men are the same, but those who belon to this category have solid reasons behind such behavior. g

Here are five reasons why Cancer men hesitate to take a stand. Let us decode them. 

They Take Things For Granted

According to the astrologer in Australia, when they fall in love, the Cancer men are known to show a picture full of love, boldness, and security, but over time, their attitude changes, and they start to take things for granted. They would rely more on the partner to take action or do things than take the initiative themselves. Cancer men would always create a situation wherein they ensure that their partner is in their control and never leave them. This is called the subtle art of manipulation. 

They Want Others To Do Things For Them

A client shared her experience with an astrologer in Australia, stating that whenever she asked her Cancer partner to divorce his wife and be with her, he said he was waiting for his wife to leave him and then come to her. He didn’t care to wake up and take action himself. Instead, he preferred to wait for someone to leave him and move on. 

They Are Always Laid Back

Most of us want our relationship to reach the altar when we are in love. Some Cancer men are too lazy to consider taking this step. There have been women who shared their stories and said even after a relationship of 8 years, whenever I talk to my partner about marriage, all he has to say is, “let’s see.” They are often laid back and dismiss the idea of marriage ever so often. 

They Are Selfish

Like it or not, even if a Cancer man appears the sweetest and most loving, all he is thinking of is himself. The astrologer in Australia says that even if a Cancer man is deeply in love with you, he would always think about himself first, then you. This is why some people end up walking out of a relationship with a Cancerian man because they would never make efforts to make you feel special. 

They Are Unpredictable

We think this is the most common trait of a Cancer man. At times, he might appear to be your Romeo, but at other times, he behaves as if you are nothing for him. You can never guess what is going on in his mind. When you least expect them to do things for you, they will surprise you and vice versa. This makes it more annoying to cope with their nature and realize where you stand in the relationship. 

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