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Gran Canaria is often the subject of daydreams of traveling the globe. If you are working in an office, you might be gazing out at the rain. You might be wondering what it would be like to be lying on a sandy beach instead and enjoying the Canarian sun. Obviously, real life is different from daydreams, but what is it like around the world in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands?

A holiday to Gran Canaria is one of the most rewarding holidays you can ever take.

Gran Canaria weather and climate

The weather on Gran Canaria is the finest weather you can have anywhere in the world. How cold is that weather? In addtion, the weather is mostly subtropical in the summer with daily temps ranging from 24 degrees to 30 degrees and lower two degrees than in the winter.

There are also some variances between climates in various divisions of the island; for example, the north part is colder than the south. Las Palmas city, which is the capital of Gran Canaria, has the most pleasant climate in the world.

Gran Canaria holidays

I guarantee that you will never ever get bored in Gran Canaria. Even with many Gran Canaria holidays, you will still find more and more attractions and adventures. Either in the sea or inland, it is incredible. You can take trips in the mountains like jeep safari. Ride a helicopter or submarine. Visit museums and music shows.

gran canaria landscape

The nature and landscapes around Gran Canaria

When it comes to nature, sceneries or site seeing, Gran Canaria holidays have no match. There are mountains with breathtaking landscapes, volcanoes, deserts, gardens, forests, and beaches. All of them in one place waiting to impress you with their unusual, creative fusions.

The capital of Gran Canaria was nominated as the European city of culture of 2016 because they have a UNESCO protected heritage city center. This was in addition to the wide variety of museums, stone buildings, shows, clubs and festivals held there every year and all year. Moreover, there are a lot of parks for bird watching, wildlife, exotic plants and flowers. Plus gorgeous architecture that makes you wow!

Friendly neighborhood

People on Gran Canaria are so kind and welcoming. Most of the people you will meet will speak both Spanish and English thanks to their excellent manners.

On the whole, the locals are friendly to foreigners, perhaps because most of them already live there. A lot of Germans live in Maspalomas, quite a few Scandinavians inhabit Arguineguin, and the British seem to be quite partial to Puerto Rico. However, Playa del Ingles also does well. This means that English is widely spoken in these areas.

Wellness and health

Aloe Vera from Gran Canaria is the purest in the world. It has a lot of medical uses. It has a diverse selection of spas and health centers. The refreshing air and the untouched scenery will heal you from the inside and out.

Everything for everyone

Either you travel alone, or with your family, there are extensive selections of everything. Everything on Gran Canaria is specifically tailored for each flavor of traveler. There are beaches for families, nudists, and gays. Furtheremore, there is a wide variety of sports and there are places with Spanish, Chinese, and European food.

If you want to shop for things for the home you will need to go to Telde, Las Palmas or at least Vecindario. Even the older people do not speak English there. A few words of Spanish can really help you, and various classes are being run in the south of Gran Canaria. The locals will be even more friendly if you make an effort to converse in their language. If you speak Spanish already, be prepared for Canarian Spanish. It is similar except more garbled with a few different words and a lot more slang.

Adventures and around the world experience in Gran Canaria

Would you like to hold the record for the biggest fish catch in the world? Yes, this can happen in one of your Gran Canaria holidays. There is a big fishing event in Puerto de Mogan city every day. In addtion, there are dolphin spotting trips and cruise vacations. You can choose to climb a mountain or spend time hiking in the forest or ride a camel in the desert.

The island has the most fantastic water parks ever with a lot of slides, some for kids and some serious ones for the adults. Swimming pools everywhere. You may relax on the beach sun-bathing. Or participating in the annual sand sculptures where people make their artwork on the beach in front of you.


If it has excellent weather, you can play any type of sport you want. This includes golf, tennis, football, surfing, fishing, diving or even throwing yourself in the air above the sea level with a speeding boat.

Bottom line

The Canarians have their own ways of doing things. They enjoy being outdoors, can be noisy and they tend to stay up late, but they really are not so different from you. Be prepared for “siesta” outside the resort areas. This means the shops are closed from one until four o’clock in the afternoon, which can take a bit of getting used to!

As long as you are prepared to make a few little adjustments, keep an open mind about other cultures, you should have fun on Gran Canaria and find that it makes a great place to travel. Visit for the latest infos about the Canary Islands

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