Are Vograce Custom Vinyl Stickers Waterproof?

If you are considering ordering custom stickers, you may wonder if they are waterproof. As you are likely to use them on your car, you want to be sure that they are safe to put on the exterior of your vehicle. To answer this question, you need to understand what materials are used to make them and the factors that influence their durability and water resistance. You also need to know if you can put your custom vinyl stickers on different surfaces, such as glass or plastic.

Glitter die-cut stickers

Die-cut stickers are a great choice if you’re looking for a promotional item. They can be customized for any purpose and offer a high-quality print.Vograce has a wide selection of custom stickers, badges, key chains and more. Each sticker can be personalized with your logo, brand name or message. These stickers can also be applied to a variety of surfaces.

If you’re in the market for something more substantial, you’ll want to check out Vograce’s custom stickers. These are produced from high-quality vinyl and come with a two-year fade resistance guarantee. The materials are also recyclable. Vograce offers a complimentary proofing service and free shipping on all orders. You can upload your design online and get a preview of what your stickers will look like before you commit to purchasing.The stickers are waterproof and laminated for durability. This makes them ideal for use on computers, water bottles and more. Your sticker can also be applied to various surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, plastic, etc.

Holographic stickers

Vograce custom vinyl stickers are an eco-friendly option for advertising your company, product or event. They are durable, waterproof and come in various colours. These stickers are also easy to apply and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.The company has been around since 2009. It offers a range of stickers that catch people’s eyes. For instance, they’re great for promoting businesses or events and can even be used to decorate promotional items like mugs or water bottles.

Vograce’s customer service team is top-notch. It offers free art help and can produce proof of your design before you pay. You can also take advantage of their sample service, previewing your finished sticker in a natural setting.Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Stickers are great for creating eye-catching designs for your laptop, phone, and other devices. If you aren’t sure which is best for your business, request a free quote today. Once you’ve done this, you’ll know what type of sticker to choose. Gog print has a wide variety of materials to choose from, including foil stamping materials, so you can get precisely the type of stickers you need.

Acrylic fridge magnets

Regarding custom magnets, Vograce is the best bet in my book. They’ve been making acrylic magnets for decades and are worth every penny. Not only are they durable, but they are also eco-friendly. You can order yours in shapes like a muffin, a bowl of cereal or even a sink.

The most impressive thing about Vograce is its customer service. Their support team helped me with design modifications; a quick message was all it took. Vograce has an award-winning customer support department. So if you’re in the market for magnets, you’d better check out their website.A quick look at their website will tell you they’re offering a discount for large orders. They also have a plethora of other valuable goodies to choose from.


Vograce custom vinyl stickers are durable and weatherproof. They are perfect for advertising and are available in a variety of materials.You can get Vograce custom keychains in a variety of colours and sizes. These are great for showing off collectables or adding a personal touch to your key ring.Besides keychains, Vograce offers several other custom products. There is something for everyone, from tote bags and pendants to sequin keychains. Also, Vograce is known for its outstanding customer service and fast shipping.

Vograce is based in China and has a facility equipped with professional equipment. Their expert staff can assist customers in creating a perfect sticker.Vograce also makes custom acrylic keychains, an excellent way to advertise your brand. These are made from high-quality acrylic material.To make your stickers more durable, you can also use the laminating process. The laminating sheet is a transparent plastic sheet bonded to the sticker and protects it from moisture and sunlight. This process reduces the cost of producing the sticker but makes it easier to handle and distribute.


Vograce custom vinyl stickers are eco-friendly, durable, and cost-effective marketing tools. They are perfect for promoting your business or event. You can use them on a wide range of products and locations.With a large selection of colours and materials, Vograce offers various options. The company also provides expert assistance to help you design the best sticker for your business.

Custom stickers are an excellent option for your business and are easy to use. Customers can upload their designs and then have them printed. All of the stickers are weatherproof and water-resistant. This means that they are an excellent choice for outdoor use.The die-cut stickers are manufactured in China and come in various sizes. These stickers are durable, waterproof, and can last up to two years.


Vograce custom die-cut stickers are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. They are durable, odourless, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant. These stickers can last up to two years.A good sticker company uses modern technology and expert expertise to produce high-quality designs. This allows them to create affordable and unique designs that are durable and can be reused.Whether you need a small sticker for your personal belongings or a large sticker for a promotional event, the Vograce team is here to help.An excellent way to add personality to your product or merchandise is by having your logo or message printed on a die-cut sticker. They can be customized in various ways, from a simple rectangle to a complex shape.Vograce is also known for its excellent customer service and fast delivery. You can expect free shipping on all orders.

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