The Complete Guide To Buying An Apartment In Bangalore

If you thought that buying a flat was a herculean task itself, then buying a flat in Bangalore is even more demanding. Apartments in Bangalore are not only expensive but also have a limited space to live. Finding the one you want can be a difficult task. There are thousands of options in this sprawling and shining metropolitan. 

Budget– First things first. You need to have a set budget before you go out for the house hunt. It is necessary to take into account your expenditure, savings, amount of money you’ll need to borrow, and its repayment.

Location– Bangalore is infamous for traffic so you should keep the location of your residence and the location of your workplace in mind. Though the metro is now up and running, you have to consider the connectivity as well as the infrastructure of the area.

Water and Electricity– Water scarcity is a huge problem in Bangalore. Some areas need to have water supplied via tanker. In case the apartment is already facing water problems, it is advisable to look for a flat somewhere else. Electricity cuts can be frequent too so try to find a flat with 24/7 power backup if you don’t want your wifi bailing out on you as you start your office presentation on Zoom. You can also invest in a generator but you’ll need to keep its additional expenses in mind then.

Space– You need to decide about the size of flat you want. If you are single then one BHK room will be sufficient but if you are moving is with your family or planning to start a family then you should keep in mind the number of rooms you will then require depending upon the number of family members.

Property documents– Check online for the documents you will be needing to buy a flat in Bangalore to avoid the last-minute panic. You can prepare the documents well in advance to reduce at least some fraction of stress from the whole house-buying event.

Negotiation– There can be various offers that will work in your favor by giving you a discount on the flat. Don’t simply buy the first flat you come across but explore your options thoroughly. The price will vary based on locality, size, amenities, and so on. You could save a lot of money if you keep an eye out for authentic deals and do good research.

Builder houses– If you’re buying a newly made flat from a small, unknown builder then you have to be extra cautious as there have been cases of fraud when builders sold the flats without proper permits, leaving the residents in distress. Though bigger, well-known builders have less chance of conning you.

Locality and amenities– Keep in mind the facilities available around the house as well. You will need essential services such as groceries and pharmacists around your house. If you have kids then keep in mind the availability of a good school and playing space as well.

Multiple real estate platforms can help you to find your dream flats. Nobroker.in is one of the popular real estate platforms which helps you to buy or sell properties without brokerage.

Just do good research and keep these things in mind and you will be able to find a good house in Bangalore soon!

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