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An Ultimate Free PDF Editor to Change Text in PDF

We all know PDF files are nonedible, and the only way to work on these files is to write every word. This is a hectic routine when a user has to work on several files. Moreover, the solutions available in the market are either expensive or difficult to operate. Therefore, we have structured UPDF, the software responsible for work comfort. It enables the users to edit, modify and make additions to the original file. UPDF is a free PDF editor on Windows and Mac and is a very simple to use software. Now the users can save countless hours by downloading UPDF. 

1. Edit PDF for Free

Speaking of editing PDF document, you may think about Adobe Acrobat. Adding text in Adobe Acrobat is easy, however, the price for this tool is too expensive. The good news is, with UPDF, you can add text and edit text in PDF for free.

  • PDF text and Image editing: UPDF differs from other free PDF annotators due to text and image editing features. It converts a PDF file into an editable file in seconds. 
  • Easy content addition: The users can not just copy or paste the text but also add text and different content structures into the original file. It supports images, symbols, markups, tables, new layouts, etc.  
  • Edit existing PDF content: UPDF also features editing in the original document. It modifies the entire PDF file and gives options to move, delete, insert, copy, paste and perform other rudimentary actions with text and Images.
  • Control over parameters: UPDF supports the accumulation of colors variations, font type, layouts, alignment and formatting. Users can control all these parameters in everyday life. 
  • Editing the Image: Deleting, extracting, and image alignment is effortless, making UPDF more convenient. The software features image rotation, cropping and its replacement.  

2. Read and Annotate PDF Documents

UPDF is also an open source PDF reader that allows easy viewing and annotating of a locked PDF document. It features a convenient option for opening, viewing, and reading the PDF file. The users can navigate any word, sentence or passage in a large PDF document and increase productivity. Depending on the work, this software is capable of working with hundreds of files at a time without any difficulty. The users can strikethrough, underlining, and highlight the text, use various commenting tools like the typewriter, sticky note, text box, shapes, stamps, e-signature, etc., and draw geometric hand-drawn shapes, lines, arrows. The software gives full access to the user. 

3. Rearrange Pages in PDF

Sometimes, you need to rearrange pages in PDF documents. With UPDF, you can rearrange pages in PDF easily. You can rotate, extract, and delete pages. 

  • Rotate Page: you can change the orientation of PDF document easily.
  • Extract Pages in PDF: you can extract specific pages in PDF and save it as a PDF document.
  • Set Page Range: UPDF allows you select the page range before taking actions. This will save a lot of your time.

Besides the features above, UPDF will soon release new features, including the OCR feature, filling PDF forms, protecting PDFs, and compressing PDFs. UPDF editor is your best choice and you will regret to not having it.

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