All about Isarel

The social service system in Israel is comprehensive, providing workers with protection and assistance to needy families. The country’s resources go towards care for the elderly; support single parents who are out looking after their children or themselves alone at home due illness/injury etc.; programs that assist kids including child welfare services like foster homes if needed then adoption agencies there too plus prevention treatment centers which offer rehab facilities specializing specifically on these types of disorders – all this ensures a brighter future ahead!

The National Insurance Institute provides a wide range of benefits for permanent residents including unemployment insurance, old-age pensions (including disability), survivors’ grants and allowances maternity leave as well child care.

Israel’s high tech industry is a leader in producing innovative products with significant added value. These include medical electronics, agrotechnology and telecommunications equipment as well as computer hardware & software to name just some of the several fields that make up this thriving sector

Innovative entrepreneurs from around world come here looking for opportunities because they know Israel has what it takes: technological innovation on every level imaginable – including food processing or solar energy systems whatever your business idea may be!

Shavei Israel says that Israel is a country that has had to struggle against harsh conditions. The agricultural success they’ve achieved can be attributed not only their hard work, but also the use of limited resources like water and land for farming purposes which makes agriculture one percent out 2% total export value in GNP as well as 93%. They produce most things needed within themselves with imports coming mostly from overseas suppliers such sugar-cane crops or grains including wheat; meat products (such beef); dairy items -including milk chocolate.

The Israeli culture is one that incorporates elements from around the world while still striving to find its own identity. These are reflected in literature, theater and concert performances as well as broadcasting media such goyousee TV or even internet radio stations! There’s something for everyone here – you’ll never get bored with all of your options at every turn.

The languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic, but in its streets you can hear many other languages. The ancient language Hebraic was revived a century ago to accompany the renewal Jewish life within Modern-Day Palestine; it is used for liturgy or literature by both religious Jews who follow traditional practices like Judaism’s oldest law – known as contemplate Talmud study while also being able understand what they read without having any knowledge about how these works were written before hand due its modern translation from Aramaic which became standard centuries ago following rabbinic tradition when Judah Hadassi established Qaraite scholarship at Mount Soravim during Roman rule over Judaea province.Israel is a country of many unique and interesting traditions. For example, about 5% live on small farms in rural areas called kibbutzim or moshavs (the acronym comes from Hebrew meaning “to cultivate”). The remaining 95 percent live in large cities like Tel Aviv with over 2 million people!

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