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Nowadays, garage doors are a significant feature of a home’s aesthetic, and they enhance the value and comfort of the home. It’s important to consider the most important features of your garage door in the midst of all the garage door materials and styles to choose from. Your garage door is a valuable investment in your house. By creating a gate, you not only provide convenience by entering and leaving your home with just one push, but it also makes your house more attractive from the street. It is always there when we enter or exit our house.

Aero Garage, We specialize in custom garage door design and fabrication as well, so no matter your tastes, we ensure you’ll get the right garage door for your home at a price that’s very cost-effective for you. Every garage door we install comes standard with a manufacturer’s warranty. Your garage will be protected for years to come while increasing your home’s curbside appeal. Call us today to find out more about our garage door options.

Keeping Your Home Safe with a Quality Garage Door :

Located in the West Hills, Aero Garage has fair weather throughout the entire year, which is why it is known as a family-friendly destination. When you know your house is completely sealed with a strong garage door backed by the best garage door service, there are practically fewer worries when you live in the West hills.

Professionals who specialize in garage doors consider the garage to be the most important aspect of your home, as it’s where most dads’ and kids’ home activities like car washing, car repair, band rehearsals, playtime, and occasional hangouts start. In addition to being a storage area for important things, the garage door is also a location where we keep important items at home.

A good service should have essential qualities such as:

  • Heavy Duty and Well Layered Garage Door
  • Modern and Automated Garage Door Design
  • Properly Insulated and Sealed


We carry a wide selection of top-notch garage door brands at a reasonable price here at Aero Garage Door. Our parts will ensure your garage door works properly, regardless of whether it’s a repair or an installation. All of our garage door openers are backed by lifetime warranties on their belt drives, and we work closely with national manufacturers to ensure the best possible price for our customers. Rest assured that we’re licensed and insured. Regular promotions are offered on our most popular models and veterans are eligible for special discounts.


You should not ignore the warning signs that a garage door is about to fail. Here are some of the most common symptoms of an ailing garage door :

  • Garage door is noisy during operation
  • Garage door hesitates during operation
  • Garage door wobbles when opening or closing
  • Burnt rubber or plastic can be smelled
  • Garage door gets stuck to the ground or part way up the track (especially in winter)

What to choose :

In choosing the right garage door, a variety of factors should be taken into account. Durability, maintenance, design, and cost are factors to consider. Despite the fact that aluminum doors come in many styles and colors and require little maintenance, they can dent easily. There are many kinds and styles of steel doors, and they’re very durable against damage. However, steel doors can rust with time. Wood garage doors look beautiful and are very affordable, but to perform optimally, they must be maintained. The downside of fiberglass doors is that they can be costly, as well as durable and low maintenance. We’ll make sure the installation process is seamless, regardless of the material you choose. A large selection of garage doors are available to you from us, and we can customize a garage door to suit your budget and needs.

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