Skin Tanning

Some facts about Skin Tanning

Nowadays people try different stuff to have a different look. Different people have different styles and tastes. Some people workout and exercise to shape their body, some people do skincare and sun protection steps, while some people get tan or a new haircut or a piercing. So, you can give yourself a new look according to your taste and trend.

What is skin tanning?

Skin tanning is the process of getting your skin color darkened by exposing your skin to ultraviolet radiations from the sun. Sunless tanning is very common nowadays because UV radiations can cause serum harm to the skin.

What causes the skin to tan?

Sun rays contain ultraviolet radiations and these are UVA and UVB radiations.

UVB radiation: causes sunburn by burning the upper layer of skin

UVB radiation: causes tanning by producing melanin. The sunlight UVA radiations deeply penetrate to the lower layer where there are melanocytes cells that are triggered to produce melanin.

How to do tanning?

Different people have different skin so they have different reactions to the sun’s rays. Like some people get tan earlier than others while some get sunburn depending upon their skin condition. There are different sites and proper places for skin tanning. However, there is a way of tanning yourself in sunlight and you should take some measures to avoid any risks these are:

  • Prepare your skin before a tan
  • Always wear sunscreen
  • Select proper tanning time
  • Seek shade when you have a burning feeling
  • Change positions repeatedly
  • Don’t stay longer in sunlight

What are skin tanning products?

There are various risk factors involved in tanning processes so people also prefer tanning products in some cases. Sunless tanning is an alternative to sun tanning and is used by people with sensitive skin. For tanning products look for bondi sands liquid gold.

A variety of tanning products are available like some get you tanned and some are used before and after getting a suntan. So, whether it’s a sunless tan product or sun protection product you should check them if you like tanning yourself. Also, different products are available that are formulated for the aftercare of tanning and some products also help in removing tan.

What are the possible risk factors?

As already started, sun rays contain UV radiations that are harmful to the skin as well. Your skin type and your skin color decide how sun tanning can affect your skin. Some potential risk factors or diseases caused by sun exposure include:

  • Sunburn
  • Premature aging
  • ●       Skin cancer and other skin conditions
  • Eye damage

Conclusion You can get sun tan anytime you want but there are certain things you should consider before taking a sunbath. Some people are not aware of the risks that are caused by sun tanning and some don’t take it seriously. There are some safety measures that you should take and make this process easy and fast. You take a suntan to have a new look not to get sunburn or some other disease.

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