A Look At The Durability Of Remington Shaver Heads

Remington head shavers are durable and manufactured using the latest technological advancements. The Remington head shaver with 360° Flex and Pivot replacement head takes shaving to an altogether different level. The replacement boasts dual-track cutters, full floating heads, and long-lasting, titanium-coated blades, all of which work together to increase glide across your skin and achieve an extraordinarily close shave. The head is easy to replace because of the one-piece, click-in design. The ingenious open design allows the head frame to slide away from the lower assembly guide, making cleaning easy.

Remington shavers are known for their durability

One of the advantages of utilizing the Remington electric shaver heads over traditional wet blades is that they last significantly longer, on average, between 12 and 18 months.

Even better, you may extend the life of your Remington electric shaver by simply cleaning it once in a while.

When a guy looks after his tools, they look after him as well. So, to enhance the durability of your Remington RX5 Ultimate Balder Razor, follow these simple suggestions.

Regular cleaning is necessary

You may easily remove the metal screens of your Remington shavers to access the cutting assembly beneath. This will allow you to remove all of the whisker hairs that have been transported from your face into the shaver head. To remove all of the facial stubble, simply remove the top and lightly tap on the shaver sides. The frequency with which you must do this is determined by your daily growth pace, although a brief cleaning after each shaving session won’t hurt.

Deep cleaning once a week

A deeper cleaning now and then can help your Remington head shaver last longer. Remove the shaver head and use the provided tiny brush (or any small brush) to clean out any shavings that may have become lodged in the motor or cutting assembly’s small grooves.

You can thoroughly remove any gathered hairs by dismantling the smaller portions of the rotating heads with a rotary shaver. On our newest Ultimate Series rotaries, the components are color-coded so that when you’re done cleaning, you can put everything back in its place.

Brush out the foils themselves if you’re shaving with foils (available with Remington’s removable shaver head). Hairs can easily become lodged in there, reducing the effectiveness of the shave.

It’s even possible to incorporate water. Most of the Remington shavers come with WETech, which allows you to use any amount of water pressure as you like to get rid of those pesky whiskers. We find the best routine is a weekly soak of the head frame foils and cutters still intact, and left to soak on a sink of warm to hot water for 15 minutes. Then replace with cool water and shake in the water. Finally run the parts under a running tap to wash out any soapy residue. (Just don’t put it in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes.) (In any case, it’s disgusting.) 

Final words 

Sometimes, as with so many other things in life, a fresh start is all you need. Every 12 to 18 months, it is recommended that you replace the shaving head completely.  

If you’re having skin irritation or the shaver isn’t operating as well as it should, it’s time for a new set of rotary cutting blades or foils. You’ll feel like you’ve been reborn once you put on that new shaving assembly to your Remington head shaver. 

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