A Detailed Guide on Thermal Vests and the Best Jackets for Men

Are you planning to add winter wear to your cold-weather wardrobe this season? If that’s so, look out for some of the best jackets for men. You could also add some thermal vest men wear in winter. The latter will work if you live in extreme temperatures.

Jackets and thermals are two of the most common winter essentials on the market. Both can look functional and fashionable. After all, winter essentials won’t force you to compromise on style.

In this post, you’ll learn how to pick the best thermal vests for men. I’ll also take you through the best jackets for men in this guide. So let’s get started right away!

The Meaning of Thermal Vest Men Wear

As already mentioned, thermal clothing is one of your winter essentials. Not everyone around the globe needs thermals in their wardrobe. But, if you’re planning a vacation to a chilly location, you need the. And yes, if you experience it daily, it must be in your wardrobe.

Why is it called underwear? Well, the name is self-explanatory. It’s made for wearing under your other winter layers. This makes it a layer to look at while layering in winter. It’s also the one that’s your skin’s closest contact.

The conventional style of thermal clothing comes in long sleeve t-shirts and pants. Today, designers are creating styles that fit well under all types of clothing.

Earlier, thermal wear was used as undergarments only. But today, improved features allow you to wear them as regular clothing.

How to Pick the Right Thermal Vests for Men

The ideal thermal vests men wear should go through a selection procedure. You shouldn’t decide at the moment. After all, you need to keep yourself away from health issues in peak winter climates.

So, let’s look a the points that could fall into this criteria and help you make informed decisions.

  • It Shouldn’t Restrict You

It’s essential to find the right fit with thermal vests for men. It applies to most types of winter clothing, but especially thermals.

The ideal thermal wear options are close-fitted ones. They should clingg to your body. It avoids a bunchy feel at any stage. But this shouldn’t cause any discomfort in movement.

If your thermals are too tight, it will affect the protection you receive. You shouldn’t feel any pressure from this base layer.

  • Look Out for Irritating Seams

Here’s another aspect to look at while purchasing thermal vests for men. You should always look at the seams. These garments sit so close to our skin. And so any rough or heavy seam could cause irritation and abrasion.

It is crucial while you buy thermal bottoms as well. It’s because the inside of our thighs is pretty sensitive. The ideal thermal comes with flatlock seams.

  • Pick What’s Right for You

Suitable fabrics are vital for all your winter wear. And yes, thermal materials should be winter-worthy.

You shouldn’t worry about style in the bargain. The best thermal clothing fits your style. And yes, it also keeps you warm. Look for options with a variety of colour palettes, among other features.

The intensity of your winter activity also could decide the types of thermals you wear. You should know whether you’re picking them for physical activities like sports or casual walks.

Let’s move on from picking a thermal vest men wear. Now, it’s time to pick some of the best jackets for men. So, get ready to up your fashion game this winter.

How to Pick the Best Jackets for Men

Jackets can be an amazing addition to a guy’s winter wardrobe. There’s warmth, comfort, and fashion written all over. But, you should put in some effort to stun the crowds with your looks.

So, let’s check out the things to consider while buying the best jackets for men.

1. Look for Warmth and Comfort

As mentioned, warmth and comfort should be paramount for your winter jackets. Check the temperature range for the winter jackets when you buy them for winter.

Also, you must ensure that you check the materials used in manufacturing the jacket. It has a role to play in the amount of warmth and comfort you’ll receive. Wool, leather, fleece, down, etc. are the ideal fabrics for the best jackets for men.

2. Look for Waterproof Jackets

You might experience damp conditions during the chilly winter months. If it snows in your region, this adds up further. So, you must look out for a jacket that’s waterproof for winter. Clothes that stay dry will save you on a hazardous winter day.

Wet clothes can bring in loads of discomfort and health concerns. You might fall prey to winter cold. So, you must ensure you don’t roam around in wet clothes during winter. You should also ensure to pick waterproof materials for your jackets.

After all, the best jackets for men should handle all types of winter weather. It should work in mild as well as extreme temperatures.

3. Blend Function and Function

Even if it’s a winter essential, you should enjoy wearing it. For that, you must pick the jackets that will keep you warm but also look fabulous on your outfit.

You should try some of the many winter jackets out in the market. There’s immense variety waiting for you. You will find something that’s perfect for you. Also, look for jackets that will go well with most accessories from your wardrobe.

4. Layer Something Underneath

Extra layers under your winter jacket provides added warmth and protection. You will need it on those windy and snowy winter days on the streets.

It also allows you to get rid of your jacket if the temperature warms up. But, you should ensure that the layers underneath will work in winter. For example, sweaters are good options to layer under the best jackets for men.

How to Pick the Right Size

Winter jackets will feel amazing on your outfit if you wear the right sizes. There are some ways to look out for the best jackets for men.

Let’s look at those factors and see how they impact your favourite jackets.

  • One Size Larger Please

You’ve always heard about ‘shop for one size larger’ with most clothing, haven’t you? This advice holds while buying a jacket as well. It’s essential to ensure that your jacket doesn’t feel too tight.

You should have a slightly larger jacket than your usual size. It will also ensure that you can layer it over other items.

Here’s an example. You usually wear a medium-sized sweater or tee during the winter months. So, if you’re looking for winter jackets, buy one size larger than the sweater or tee.

Some jacket styles fit closer to your body than others. For example, a leather jacket will look perfect with a snug fit. But, an oversized puffer jacket will look best if it’s loose.

It’s easier to add layers under large jackets. And hence, you should look for one size larger.

  • Trial and Error Works

You must ensure to follow the trial and error method. You could bring a sweater with you when you go shopping. Or, you could also try a sweater from the store itself.

Once you try the jacket, you’ll know exactly how it feels and fits on your body.

3. Move Around a Bit

Look into a mirror once you wear the jacket. See how it looks. Then, walk around the store to assess the comfort. There might be another piece that’s waiting for your attention. You might want to put that down if it’s not worth the effort.

  • Sleeves Upto Your Thumbs

Your sleeves are another aspect to examine while testing the best jackets for men. Your arms should hang loose at the sides. Then, look into the mirror and see where the sleeve’s hem falls.

It should fall right where your thumb and index finger meet. This way, it covers your wrist and the bottom 1/4 of your hand. This length will ensure that your hands stay warm.

You shouldn’t go for winter jackets with shorter hemlines than this. You won’t get the same impact. But if the sleeve goes past the base of your thumb, don’t worry. You can fix that by tailoring it as per your requirements.

So these are some ways to assess the right size for the best jackets for men.

Best Jackets for Men: Fabrics

Now, let’s get into one more essential factor for winter jackets. Warmth, comfort, and sizes are very crucial for a good experience. But, it will fall flat if you aren’t wearing the suitable fabrics in winter.

There are many fabrics in the winter market. But, it’s easy to be unaware of those that enjoy the winter weather. These fabrics keep you safe in winter while also helping you enjoy the season.

So, let’s check out the fabrics that work on the best jackets for men in winter.

1. Wool for Winter Jackets

Wool is an excellent choice for most types of winter wear. It’s warm, comfy, and soft to the touch. But it’s not pure wool alone that suits winter. There are many kinds of wool blends that enjoy winter too. In turn, they allow you to enjoy the season too.

You can rely on wool for winter clothing without any fear. You don’t need to stress about its maintenance, either.

You can wear woollen clothes for long before the first wash.

2. Leather Is Lavish

This piece is one of the lavish fabrics in the winter market. You will love it on your winter clothing. But it’s one of the best fabrics to pick for winter jackets.

It performs its winter duties as well as looks stunning. You must’ve heard of those amazing leather jackets at some point. There’s also an artificial variant of leather.

Natural leather isn’t waterproof. But faux leather is waterproof and soft.

3. Fleece is Fabulous

Fleece is a synthetic fabric for your jackets in winter. A fleece jacket is soft, insulating, and breathable. These three features would do wonders in a winter jacket for men. But, these kinds of fabrics are worth it in winter too.

5. Polyester is Preferrable

A plastic-based material that is soft and water-resistant. It’s a light material and is often used in windbreakers. But, polyester alone is thin and isn’t the best insulator.

6. Cashmere is Comfy

This one is another luxurious yet soft fabric available for winter jackets. It’s a type of wool obtained from Cashmere goats.

This fabric’s considered a better alternative to wool for its quality. It’s stronger, softer, and a good insulator as well.

7. Shearling is a Stunner

Here’s an exciting option for the best jackets for men. The look of a shearling jacket is pretty fascinating. It has suede on one side and fur on the other. This one’s good for a statement look at winter parties.

These jackets are very hefty, breathable, and flexible. You also have synthetic shearling blends to add warmth or softness to the fabric.

These are some of the ideal winter fabrics on your best jackets for men. Once you wear them, you will have some fantastic experiences to share with others. So, which material will you pick this winter season?

The Best Jackets for Men in Winter

Now it’s time to see the variety you have in store for you. There are many jackets out there waiting for you. As you will see, options are aplenty. It’s down to the weather and personal preferences.

1. Leather Jacket

You must’ve heard of some fantastic leather weather jackets at some point. Don’t have them in your wardrobe already? Then, now is the time to add some.

These jackets bring out the ultimate ‘cool dude’ vibe. They are a timeless pair and, of course, one of the best jackets for men. Black would be a common guess for the best colour available. But you get them in other attractive hues too.

It’s often called a ‘biker jacket’ as well. They are ideal for days when you prefer a rugged look in winter. You can layer it over most tees with ease.

2. Bomber Jacket

It’s a versatile piece that fits one and all. It’s also called a ‘flight jacket’. Like the leather ones, these too are ultra-fashionable.

These types of jackets have a trimmed look to them. It has a front zip closure with a ribbed collar. Along with that, there’s also an elasticated waistband and cuffs. It makes this piece perfect to keep you insulated during winter. But, as I said, it has fashion potential.

You could pair it with something as simple as joggers and sneakers. This combo is worth a try.

3. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are another example of stylish winter jackets for men.

It works well as casual wear and work wear. It’s an option to bring out a sporty vibe with your outfit.

There’s detail in a denim jacket too. You get them in many colours and interesting textures.

The comfort kicks in as soon as you wear the denim over your outfit. It has a snug fit with double chest pockets. The latter is a distinct feature of this piece. Also, you don’t get all possible blues alone. Add one in black to your winter wardrobe as well.

You can pair it with a simple casual tee. But, try out some printed t-shorts for some of the best looks. You can pair your denim jacket with denim jeans as well. Also, an excellent look for coffee and movie dates.

4. Parka

A parka should also be on your list of the best jackets for men. These jackets are stuffed with synthetic fibres and come with furry hoodies.

The hoodie makes the piece stand out in a crowd. It adds some class to an otherwise casual look.

Parkas are excellent layers for extreme temperatures. You should try one with jeans and boots for a casual look.

5. Puffer Jackets

Puffer or down jackets have a quilted design and a ‘puffed up’ look. The jacket’s designed for warmth in freezing temperatures. You can wear it on a casual outfit and enhance the look further. You have many attractive options for colours.

This is a list of some of the best jackets for men in winter. Each of them is worth a try this winter. So, look at your budget and start shopping before winter arrives.


So, this was a guide to highlight the best jackets for men and how to pick them. You also say the value of thermal vests for men in winter. Both these pieces are meant for the winter weather.

So if you need extra layers of warmth in winter, consider these pieces.

This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias

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