A day in the life of a carpenter in Denmark

Are you interested in the profession of carpenter? Imagine, this is what a typical working day could look like for you… Look over this schedule of a carpenter of famous company and familiarize yourself with the working day of a carpenter.

Start of work

The carpentry starts early in the morning: around 7:00 am, a Carpenter parks his car in the yard. As always, he has his box of rolls and drinks with him.

After a short greeting from his boss and colleagues, Carpenter tømrer changes his clothes: his work clothes always include padded trousers and shoes with steel toecaps. Now a Carpenter is ready to go!

Receive assignments from master

Every morning, the colleagues first meet in the workbench room, because this is where the work orders are distributed in the morning. Carpenter is already looking at the list of his orders: Wooden strips are to be made for window glass that the customer would like installed.

Make wooden strips

Now teamwork is required: On a special planning machine, the thickness planer, the boards for the strips are first automatically planned to the right thickness. Carpenter’s foreman inserts the boards into the machine and Carpenter takes the finished strips out on the other side. The work is really “hand in hand”.

Coffee break

If you do physical work that early in the morning, you need a little refreshment with coffee and rolls in between – that’s clear!

Grinding wooden boards

Now Carpenter has to work on another customer order: First of all, some boards have to be sanded. Once the machine is set up correctly, you’re good to go! It’s practical that Carpenter doesn’t have to sand everything by hand.

Lunch break

Meal time! Today the classic currywurst with fries from the grill next door is on the menu – delicious! Of course, we always eat together with our colleagues.

Load tools and materials for assembly

There is an installation order for the afternoon: laying a finished parquet floor at a customer. But before that, all the tools and materials have to be stowed away in the company car. Of course, this is also much better with two people: Carpenter and his master in their company tømrerfirma have loaded everything in a short time – now we can start!

Laying parquet at the customer’s

When the customer arrives, the first thing to do is unload everything. Carpenter takes the time to greet the customer calmly and to explain exactly how the parquet will be laid. Good communication with the customer is very important in the carpentry profession, as assembly work is often carried out on the customer’s premises. Carpenter and his foreman spend the whole afternoon laying the parquet floor. Work is still going on here the next day.

Acknowledgment time

The advantage of early risers: Carpenter finishes work early and can still meet up with friends in the sun. With his red racer he goes home in a flash.


Of course, a carpenter’s working day should only serve as an example. Depending on the order situation or working time agreement, there may be other times in your company. You may go to assembly; in this case the processes will also differ.

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