A Buying Guide to Electric Head Shaver for Men

With the rising trend of shaving heads completely bald like some of the top Hollywood celebrities, there is a growing demand for electric head shavers amongst men. The bald head has become the recent favorite look of most men, particularly the young and middle-aged generation. 

However, head shaving is not all about going with the Hollywood trend. A man may shave off his hair for various other reasons such as receding hairline, severe hair loss, thinning hair, and visible bald patches. Whatever may be the reason, choosing an ideal electric shaver for head and knowing the right shaving procedure is very essential.

But, how to find an ideal head shaver with so many makes and models available in the market? Read on to know the factors that you should keep in mind while choosing an electric head shaver. Here in this blog, you will also get to learn about different types of electric head shavers and their uses. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the first factor to be considered while picking up a head shaver.

  1. Brand of the Head Shaver

Whether you are new to head shaving and purchasing a head shaver for men for the first time, or are a pro in it, just upgrading your old shaver to a new one – always make sure to purchase a branded head shaver. Although you are most likely to come across several big brand names in the electric shaving market, go for a reputed and trusted brand. We understand that when you have unlimited options for electric head-shaving tools, you may tend to choose one brand over the other. However, check the features, reviews, and ratings of the electric shaver before making a purchase.

  1. Rotary Shaver or Foil Head Shaver

Basically, there are two types of head shavers – rotary shavers and foil head shavers. Although both these devices are similar in terms of operation yet there are a few differences between them. Let’s find out how different is a rotary shaver from a foil shaver.

Rotary Head Shaver – Equipped with circular blades, three-headed rotating circular cutters, and a guard, rotary head shavers are ideal for men who have regular to rough scalp types. While the cutters aim at trimming the hair, the guard works toward preventing nicks and cuts on the scalp. Using these shavers will help you achieve a closer shave. And the best part is that electric rotary shavers mostly contain motors that operate almost silently. 

Foil Head Shaver –  Made up of thin metal foils, these electric shavers come with spring-loaded heads. They are ideal to be used in a straight movement across the contour of your head. While the cutter cuts hair by making its way into the holes of the foil, the foil remains still. Unlike rotary head shavers, foil head shavers make noise and are not apt for long hair strands.

  1. Corded or Cordless

Usually, you will find either a corded or cordless electric shaver for head in the market. However, choose one that you consider being compatible with your shaving needs. While corded head shavers are powered at all times, cordless electric shavers give more freedom for usage. Cordless shavers can be used anywhere and at any time, provided they have enough charge to operate. Corded shavers, on the contrary, puts restrictions on usage. You can only use a corded shaver where you have access to power.

  1. Battery Life

Now that you know about corded and cordless electric head shavers, which one do you plan to choose? If you are thinking to opt for a cordless head shaver as it seems more convenient and easy to use, remember to check the battery specifications of the device. It is very essential to know how long the battery of the device lasts once it’s fully charged or approximately how many times you can use the shaver on a full charge. Basically, the main point to note here is that the better the battery lifespan, the longer you can use the device without any faults.

  1. Care and Maintenance Requirements

When it comes to maintaining your electric head-shaving device, you should essentially be aware of your shaver’s cleaning requirements. Electric shavers can be cleaned through two different procedures. First, you may manually clean your head shaver. Second, in case you are using a more advanced electric shaver, you can just pop it into the base unit, provided your shaver comprises a built-in cleaning and charging station. 

Bottom Line

Ready to grab the ideal head shaver? Now that you have read the entire blog, you know the important factors to consider while purchasing a head shaver for men. While you are most likely to get overwhelmed with the varied options available on the web as well as the offline grooming stores, pick one that can meet all your head shaving requirements. 

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