A brief rundown of the upcoming soccer world cup in Qatar and the betting opportunities

At the time of writing this the world cup in Qatar is only three months away. This world cup has been the subject of a large amount of criticism from the international community and the nomination of Qatar ahead of other more qualified nations can only be described as corrupt.

Regardless of this, the 2022 world cup is slated to be held in Qatar. Due to the extreme heat in the desert country the starting date has been moved from the middle of the summer to instead be held from November to december.  Regardless of all the controversy, much of the world is looking forward to the world cup. No event on the planet can bring such unity to such a large part of the world. All of the biggest soccer nations have made it to the tournament and even the USA managed to Qualify. The world cup final tends to be watched by over two billion people globally and is a massive event.

Qatar is slated to be the biggest tournament for betting in a long time

Even if the world cup is slated with controversy, the 2022 edition is bound to be one of the largest for betting companies in a very long time. Online betting has been on a steady rise for the last couple of years and more people than ever before are betting. Add the fact that more and more people have access to the internet and that such a large and financially stable country as America is set to compete, the 2022 world cup might just produce the biggest betting revenue of any sporting event.

Many different ways to bet

Even if picking the winner and the result of the game in question is still the most popular choice amongst bettors there are many different ways one can bet. Livebetting has seen a meteoric rise in popularity as the technology around and is preferred by people who like quick action and bets that they either win or lose within a shorter timespan.

One popular way to bet on the World Cup is also by placing bets that stretch for the entire tournament. This way a bettor can have something to keep track of and follow during the entire tournament. One can either choose to have their bet be placed on how a specific player will perform during the tournament or how a team will fare.

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