8 Steps to Find The Perfect Wedding Florist

Do you like simple & romantic decor or whimsical & modern? Wedding flowers are an important part of the decor, and the choices can often confuse you. The colour, height, and type of flower arrangements have different meanings, and you need to know their symbolism before making a choice. Luckily, a team of wedding florists in Melbourne would be willing and happy to help with all the floral needs.

A wedding florist adds a special charm to the decor with their expertise and knowledge of floriography. They will provide flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and more but will also consult you on colour schemes and centrepieces and help you find the perfect reception venue. 

Choosing a florist in Melbourne is not easy, and it can be overwhelming when there are many options. Follow these simple steps to hire the perfect florist for your special day. 

1. Hire Early 

Get a wedding florist in Melbourne as early as possible because if you wait till the last few months to hire someone, it could lead to chaos. It is advisable to hire a florist as soon as you book the wedding venue or at least 8-9 months before the wedding. Once you know the destination, timings and space, the florist will make wedding flower arrangements accordingly. 

2. Build a Vision 

People have different choices – some like minimalist decor and go for subtle flower colours, while others love the glam and bright popping flowers. So, slide through wedding magazines or check out wedding decor on Pinterest and see what strikes a chord in your heart. Once you can imagine it, talk to the wedding florist in Melbourne and share your expectations and thoughts with them. 

Lilies, camellia, and carnations are great choices for subtle decor and roses or peonies are perfect for bright wedding decor. Consult the florist on what each flower means and make your choice based on the kind of decor you want. 

3. Learn about Flowers

Some people aren’t knowledgeable about which flowers are suitable for a wedding or would match their wedding theme. It’s better to gather some ideas by talking to your flower-fanatic friends or exploring the best wedding flowers online. You’ll slowly be able to recognise the most common flowers picked by people for their wedding ceremonies. Many other blooms are perfect for a bride’s bouquet, and the centrepieces, like daisies (perfect for rustic and vintage themes), fluffy hydrangeas, orchids (for modern & sophisticated decor), and tulips (for a contemporary and elegant look). 

4. Find your Floral Style

You may have seen bouquets, centrepieces, and boutonnieres at weddings because they are a must-have on the ceremony list. Apart from this, your options are backdrop flowers, floral chandelier, and photobooth arrangement and knowing about them would be helpful before you talk to a florist. Also, your wedding flower decoration and style will depend on your colour palette choice. So, discuss that with your partner and family before taking it to the florist. 

5. Check the Budget

Planning a wedding flower budget can be challenging, especially when there are factors like the number of guests, wedding location and size of the hall/space. According to a survey, many people set aside around 10% of their budget for wedding flower decoration, but if you love big flower arrangements or backdrops, consider increasing your budget a little. In this case, you can do a little research and talk to your family and friends who have gotten married recently and have a number in mind before discussing it with the florists. You should also not be surprised if you end up spending more than expected. 

6. Research Well

Browse for florists close to your location, look at their social media channels (if they have any) and check out their website. Watch any videos they may have shared of wedding decor and look at their bouquet cost on the website. Don’t forget to read reviews people may have shared about the Melbourne florist. You can also visit them and check out their work live. 

7. Make an Appointment

Once you shortlist a few florists, set up a meeting with them and share pictures, your floral style preferences and expectations from the decor. While talking to them, let them know about the number of guests, show them the space, and their response, you’ll get to know their expertise and creativity. The appointment will be an opportunity to learn who can grasp your ideas and expectations well. Ask the potential florists to share a cost and decor proposal, which will give an insight into the final set-up. 

8. Take Your Pick

Review the proposal and their suggestions for wedding flower arrangements, style, shades and types of flowers. Show it to your partner, friends and family to get their perspective. Then, once you’ve gathered all your thoughts and decided on the budget you want to spend, make the final decision. 

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