7 Ways to Launch a Profitable Tradie Business

Tradies own and run some of the nation’s busiest small businesses, but they don’t always get the best press. Here are some of our best tradie recommendations for keeping clients satisfied and running a profitable business.

It’s all about word of mouth

A pleased customer is one of your most precious assets as a company. They’ll not only promote positive word of mouth, but they’ll also bring in new business. As a result, you must keep track of any client comments and apply any lessons gained. What did your clients like the most about working with you?  In what ways can you make your service better? Is there anything about your procedures that you could make better? After you’ve completed a project, speak with your customers, or give them a quick survey to see how you fared. If you have a Facebook page for your business, customers can easily leave comments there.

Keep up with the latest trends

If you work in the construction industry, keeping up with current trends is vital. This may also help you identify prospective business growth prospects and understand what clients could expect from a task. Keep abreast of the latest news on industry websites like the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF). There are also trends in tradie insurance that can change over time where you can get different levels of protection or save some money, make sure to compare your quotes online. 

Take a look at your marketing strategy

What methods are you leveraging to promote your business, and are you experiencing any beneficial results? How did your ten most recent customers find out about your business? Examine what your competitors are up to and how it may affect your business. How can you exploit the fact that they work with a high-end brand or have a fantastic customer service offer? Create a profile for your customers. If you have a better grasp of your customer, you will be able to target them effectively. Tailor your marketing strategy to your ideal customer, whether you’re utilising social media, direct mail, or digital marketing. Is there a website dedicated to you? If you haven’t already, now is the time to begin. People are increasingly turning to the internet to do research and make purchases. To keep your clientele updated and educated about what you do, make sure you have a solid web presence. Invest in Google Adwords and make sure your Facebook page is up to date.

Create procedures.

Make a log of your procedures. Your company’s productivity will be aided by a system. From the minute you receive a new task until it’s completed, you’ll be organizing your workers, making sure equipment is available, dealing with subcontractors, and offering after-sales support. Capturing the flow will assist you to find bottlenecks that need to be addressed. Hiring an efficiency expert to review your processes from the outside may also be advantageous.

Using accounting software, keep everything up to date and compliant. The last thing on your mind is invoicing, tax payments, and payroll. A good accounting system may help you save time and money by eliminating stress and clerical labour.

Improve the efficiency of your payment processing.

Customers are more likely to pay in a timely manner after a job is completed if you make it easy for them to do so. Mobile payment solutions are becoming more accessible to small enterprises. Why don’t you make it easy for your customers to pay you and you to pay your vendors? There are now fantastic mobile payment options for tradespeople that allow them to collect money on the go utilising mobile devices, making the process even easier. If you’re working on a large contract, you could also use Direct Debit to deduct funds directly from your customers’ accounts.

Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Is it true that you say yes to everyone? Don’t take on more than you’re capable of. It’s tempting to take every task that comes your way while establishing a new firm, only to find yourself overworked. Attempt to avoid this circumstance by carefully arranging your work and, if necessary, hiring more personnel. Make careful to assess your employees’ competencies as well. What are their qualifications? You may already have employees with special expertise and managerial abilities that might help with larger projects.

Have the appropriate tools for the job

Possess the necessary vehicles and equipment. It’s vital to make sure that your vehicles and equipment meet your company’s needs. Think about if you want to buy new, secondhand, or lease. You can hire if the necessity is just temporary, but make sure to factor these costs into your budget when applying for employment.

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