Keepsake Box

7 Tips to Create the Perfect Keepsake Box

Are you interested in creating a keepsake box for your children? This is an excellent way to keep your children connected to their childhood as they grow older. By the time we reach adulthood, our childhood memories have become fragmented, and we have no recollection of what occurred when we were infants. Thus, creating a keepsake box will provide your children with access to a wealth of childhood memories and details. Here are some ideas to help you make a keepsake box that your kids will love as they get older.

1. Select the Best

It’s tempting to keep every piece of “artwork” your children create and every gift they make for you, but if you don’t dispose of old pictures discreetly to make way for new ones, they’ll quickly take over the house! Therefore, if you want to include something similar in the keepsake box, choose the best or most meaningful examples rather than attempt to preserve the entire collection.

2. Only small items

Size is also a consideration when selecting items for a keepsake box. Choose smaller items, or the box will quickly become full. The more compact, the better! Items such as their hospital tag, a few (but not all) birthday or christening cards, and a lock of their hair will not take up much space but will provide them with hours of enjoyment to look at.

3. What do you wish your parents had kept?

If you’re at a loss for what to include in your children’s keepsake box, consider what you would want your parents to keep for you. While you cannot guarantee that your children will be interested in the same things, it will provide you with some guidelines on what to include.

4. Personalize your box

It is not always necessary to include the contents of the box. The box, in and of itself, can contribute to the experience. If desired, the exterior can be customized by painting it or covering it with fabric or decoupage. You could even enlist the assistance of a handy relative to craft a custom wooden keepsake box just for your keepsake box. However, if you choose one of these, make sure that the box is protected from moisture or damage.

5. If an item is too large to store

You may wish to keep a variety of items that are not actually practical to store. If an item is too large or fragile to keep, take a photograph and print a copy to include in the box. It’s even better if you can include a photograph of your child holding the item.

6. If necessary, label it

Suppose you have a large collection of old family photographs but have no idea who some of the people in them are. If an item is not immediately apparent as to what it is or what it means, label it. Then your children will recognize who is in the photographs and who gave them each item. By the time they look through their keepsake box, you may have forgotten!

7. be discriminatory, or your box will quickly fill up

Regardless of how much you want to include in the box, be selective. Unless you intend to store a large box, you should select only the most significant items. Your children are unlikely to want to revisit each stage of their childhood, only the highlights, so choose the best items and avoid including anything in poor condition – it will not last.

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