7 Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Video Editing Work

7 Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Video Editing Work

In the world of technology, there is little left to the imagination as to what can and cannot be achieved. Technology has made the possibility of producing every format of content as aesthetically possible, which has helped many people in the diverse fields of work they’ve been working in.

In fact, marketing has reached great heights because of these various formats. There are multiple ways of telling a story, and one of the most effective ways of doing so is through a well-compiled video. But what gets challenging here is the ability to come up with a wonderfully edited video that only addresses the message you’re trying to deliver effortlessly – but it is enhanced beautifully to be eye-catching and capable enough to leave a lasting impression in the memories of the viewers.

How there are myriad tips on how to begin compiling and shooting a video – there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you navigate through the must-know tricks to enhance your video. At the end of the day, the impeccable editing gives a certain form, feel, and vibe to your video. Therefore we must shed some light and share a few suggestions that would help you ace your video editing game.

1. Be Aware of the Shortcuts

As we are all always hurrying to get things done, we are also highly critical about finesse. This is the reason why learning the shortcut buttons from your keyboard will come in handy when you want to speed up the process. Once you’re made aware of how the ‘L’ button in your keyword effectively helps speed up your video’s playback pace, you wouldn’t go back to any other method.

2. Music & SFX

There is no denying that music instantly enhances the whole mood of the video. You must choose the soundtracks in perfect accordance with the visuals that you’ve put together in the video. That is precisely how you determine that the audiences connect with whatever the video is portraying.

SFX effects are one of the most important aspects of video editing. Adding real-life sound effects, be it to describe a fighting scene or people shouting or the splash of rainwater – it is all done by incorporating SFX sound effects to give the audiences a more realistic effect, and it always helps to improve the quality of the video content.

3. Speed Ramping

For those of you who are in the trade of editing many action films, speed ramping is one of the essential tips to be used. It is believed to be a very effective technique for emphasizing slow or supposedly fast motion.

However, it commences in real-time. For example, if you have a 4-second sequence hole but need to fit in 4.5 seconds clipped video – speed ramping helps in fitting in the content and not making it look forced. The marks in your Online Video Editor helps in determining the time range you need before you clip it using this tool.

  1. Cover-up Unnecessary Sections

Shortcuts like b-roll or a+b roll help cover up sections of the videos that aren’t needed in the final cut. This primarily works wonders when you have to edit a long interview; while editing, you might feel like certain snippets aren’t necessary and make the video a lot longer. This might invariably turn out to be boring for the viewers.

Therefore, it is best to cover it up. You can use other transitions or change visuals to the audience and make the video crisp enough for people to come and want to watch the video till the end.

5. Enhance Your Story

Sometimes all the audiences are looking for is that dramatic impact that your video has had. The powerful dialogues and aesthetic videos work most of the time, but sometimes the silence does all the magic.

Use powerful music or some technique to give a little breathing space between the dialogues. This can either be done by increasing the volume of the video or by using a video cap on the soundbite that is recorded. Either way, the idea is to use the video to give that dramatic effect. It does a great job of enhancing the story being narrated through the content of the video.

6. Stabilizing Your Video

One of the biggest trials of shooting a video is always the fear of shooting shaky videos. However, with multiple video editing software now making rounds, it is extremely easy to fix a shaky video without compromising the quality of the video content.

Bad music is a terror in a video that hinders the visuals shot. But shaky videos are equally troublesome. Therefore it is important to stabilize your hold or edit using software that helps fix these mishaps.

7. Use the Re-Framing Option

Enhancing your video quality is all about pushing the boundaries. Considering how today we have such high-quality cameras to shoot with, you could easily re-frame your shots and add effects that bring interesting changes to your footage.

1080p is the standard and basic resolution for shooting, and it gives you more freedom to explore with resolutions ranging 2K and above. Try different angles, splitting one shot into two, or even using push-in effects to see how it enhances your video quality. Avoid going overboard with this tip, as it can result in pixelated visuals.

These tips and tricks have been proved to be the basics of video enhancing that you can begin with. With time, some more techniques and tips get figured out and help bring about exponential changes in the quality of the video content.

Some of these mentioned tips will help you figure out the best possible outcome for the video you visualized and shot. Editing is an incredibly important aspect of making a video look aesthetic and making people keen enough to watch it and judge for themselves. 


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