7 Situations to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

7 Situations to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney . If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, chances are you’re dealing with insurance companies, battling the other party in the accident, and trying to get a fair settlement. This is often incredibly difficult to do alone. A skilled and compassionate motorcycle accident attorney will give you the best chance of getting fair compensation in the aftermath of an accident. So, when should you hire an attorney to defend you? 

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1. When You’re in an Accident 

It’s best to hire a Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney as soon as the accident occurs. Most people won’t know exactly what steps to take in the aftermath. You have to deal with injuries, motorcycle damage, and potentially property damage if you crashed into a building or object in the street. You also have to deal with an opposing insurance company if the accident involved another party. 

So, hire an attorney straight away if you can. Don’t let yourself remain defenseless in this case for long. A good attorney will come to your aid and be there with you from day one after the accident has occurred. 

2. When Dealing With Red Tape 

You have to deal with a lot of red tape after an accident. All the official forms to fill out and procedures to follow can be draining and stressful. It’s worse when you don’t know the law or procedures set in place for automobile accidents in Kansas City

A motorcycle accident lawyer, however, does know the law and procedures. They’ll be able to walk you through all the complex forms and procedures as needed. They can also protect you from unjust accusations that come up during the form-filling process. You never have to navigate all that red tape alone when you hire an attorney. 

3. When There Were Others Involved 

Many motorcycle accidents involve another party. This automatically complicates things, as there may be blame to split between you and that party. Even if you’re completely blameless, the other party’s insurance companies may attempt to say you were speeding, drinking, or an otherwise negligent motorcyclist. 

An attorney knows how to navigate these tricky situations. They have experience taking on insurance companies and will build a case in your favor. They’ll also help you get partial compensation if it turns out you were partially responsible for the accident. 

4. When You’re Injured 

A motorcycle accident rarely ends without injury. Motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable groups on the road. This means you’ll have medical bills to pay, and you deserve to be compensated fairly for them. A great attorney will pair you with a team of physicians who’ll fully assess your condition. They can then help you come up with a sum for a fair settlement. 

Insurance companies won’t take the future into account, either, so you need your attorney to make a case for that. Quality of life after motorcycle injuries can often decrease. You may be left permanently disfigured or unable to work again. You might also need ongoing medical treatment. All of this needs to be taken into account when coming to an agreement on a settlement. You’ll need an attorney to help you do this. 

5. When You Need To Act Quickly 

Legal proceedings often take a long time. They take even longer if you have to research the law first to figure out what you’re entitled to. It’s best to act as quickly as possible when you’re dealing with events as potentially life-altering as a motorcycle accident. Hiring an attorney will ensure there’s someone on your side to get through these proceedings as fast as possible. Time is often of the essence in these situations, so let an attorney streamline this process. 

6. When You Need Clarifications 

Sometimes it’s not immediately clear what happened or who’s to blame. This is something that will need to be investigated. You need an attorney to help with this, as someone needs to argue your side of the case. Your lawyer can also find witnesses and employ techniques to help you remember the details of the event. 

7. When the Case Goes to Court 

If you and the defense can’t come to an agreement, then you’ll likely need to go to court. You can usually settle without doing this, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If you haven’t used a lawyer up until now, then you’ll definitely want one to help you in the courtroom. You need someone with courtroom experience and legal knowledge to ensure this case comes up in your favor. 

Generally speaking, it’s best to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as you’re in any form of motorcycle accident. Don’t wait until one of these more complex situations arises. If you have an attorney on your side from the start, then you’re giving yourself the best chance of coming out of this situation with a fair settlement. 

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