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7 Common mistakes in Custom Packaging

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Are you a business that is considering using custom packaging for its products? If the answer is yes to the question, then there are certain things that you should know about custom packaging.

Yes, the packaging is an integral part of your business; your customers might not remember or recognize your product without it. Apart from creating brand awareness, it also helps keep the product safe and helps attract many customers. In addition, those uniquely designed custom printed boxes assists in constructing a solid foothold in the market, making businesses stand out.

Custom printed boxes and designs need to create by keeping your customers in mind. Since packaging shapes brand identity and distinguish your product from competitors, the wrong type of packaging may reduce sales and you may lose a ton of money. So, make sure to avoid these mistakes while you work on Custom packaging.

Difficult to open the packaging. 

Nothing spoils the mood more than having to struggle to open your favorite product. This not only frustrates the customer but also wrecks the entire unwrapping customer experience. Having difficulty opening the product leaves a wrong impression, no matter how excellent the product is inside.

Sometimes businesses choose the wrong package to be unique. So it’s essential to keep in mind the ease of customer and focus on the opening of the box or package.

Double-checking Custom box.

When you have orders pouring in, it’s a common mistake not to double-check your custom box packaging. Nothing is more unprofessional than delivering a product in the wrong box. Therefore, cross-checking every order is necessary to ensure quality and timely delivery.

Usually, owners just finalist the box, and only a few of them double-check the packing after getting them printed. Double-checking helps in knowing the flaws in the filling, and sometimes the chosen design does not look good enough on a specific box style.

Not testing your custom packaging.

Nobody likes to re-design custom box packaging, but it would be even more costly for a business to approve a custom design for a product that in the end, would cause damage to the product or is difficult to unwrap. Therefore, once your designers have created custom printed boxes, it is essential to continually test and test!

Misprints and Confusing designs.

Custom packaging not only conceals and products the product but also contains essential information. This information informs consumers how to use the product, its features, warning labels, price, nutritional value, etc. Having any misprints or wrong designs would destroy the image of your company.

Therefore, have multiple people run through every bit of information through a fine-toothed comb to ensure there are zero errors in your custom boxes. Moreover, always use the kind of fonts that are easy to read and decipher.

Labeling Mistakes.

Any labeling mistake is a big no when it comes to printed boxes in the UK. Everything that is written should be brief, straightforward, and easy to understand. Likewise, the words and language used should be simple enough to be deciphered by many of your customers.

Having mislabeled that may cause confusion or offensive to cultures would represent a negative image of your business. Therefore, extra care needs to take while designing custom printed boxes and printed boxes in the UK.

Not keeping customers in mind.

Unwrapping and opening a favorite product is an experience in itself. However, having designs or customized packaging that does not attract customers is a no-win. Therefore, considering your audience’s opinions will help you create the right kind of designs for your product.

I always prefer designs that are unique yet functional and appeal to customers. The appealing element makes the customers curious to open and try out the product. In addition, it will be a great option if you ask for the customer’s opinion regarding the development and packing after launching a product.

Low-quality Custom Packaging.

What good is a product if the packaging is of poor quality? It immediately loses its value. Therefore, careful planning is mandatory when designing customized packaging for your customers. How you wrap your product speaks about your product and brand equally.

If you use poor-quality material and designs that do not represent your product, then this would inevitably lead to customer disappointment and lost sales. Thus, it is essential to invest in good quality boxes and materials to pack your product as it is the first thing that the customers notice when they see your product.


Packaging or customized packaging, both equally, are essential for a business to flourish. Without it, companies will eventually fail to attract customers.

Custom packaging has become popular as it increases brand identity. However, inevitable mistakes need to avoid; a few of them include having good quality material used to wrap the product to enhance customer experience. Apart from that, correct labeling and information need to be ensured on the packaging as well. Avoidance of these mistakes can help businesses design the perfect kind of custom packaging.


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