7 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

Beauty hacks are everywhere these days. Each day a new TikTok goes viral with a ‘beauty hack’ that claims to be the best thing since sliced bread, but oftentimes, hacks don’t work, or don’t work half as well as is claimed.

In this article, we have found seven beauty hacks that we think actually work. Take a look below to find out more about these useful beauty hacks.

Apply lotion to wet skin

Applying lotion to wet skin has been advised by dermatologists for years, and it really does work. The idea is that the water helps the lotion soak in better. So, if you want more hydrated and moisturised skin, why not try applying your skin lotion and face creams when your skin is damp.

Use setting spray as a makeup base

Setting spray is commonly used after you have applied makeup, but apparently, it’s actually a good idea to apply it before your makeup too. Many MUAs have agreed that setting spray can enhance hydration and help your skin to glow when applied before makeup.

Obviously, you can still apply after your makeup too to ensure it stays on but applying before will help this also!

Take zinc after your Botox treatment

There is research that suggests that taking a zinc supplement after Botox treatment can help to make sure the changes last for longer. If you have been getting regular Botox at Skin Vitality, then why not try this hack out. Worst comes to worst, your immune system will get a boost from the zinc, even if your Botox doesn’t!

Soak your wet nails in ice water to help them dry quicker

Are you sick of waiting for your nails to dry and then accidently smudging them when you think they’re dry and they’re not? One of the best beauty hacks we have ever used is to put your hands in ice-cold water when your nails are wet. The cold water helps the paint to set and shortens the drying time by minutes.

Heat up your eyelash curler before you use it

Eyelash curlers are great for extending your lashes, but did you know that heating up your eyelash curler, with a hair dryer, can help the shape to hold even longer. Obviously, you should do this safely and should make sure you don’t hurt yourself, but this is a great way to make your eyelashes longer.

In addition, there are some MUAs who will tell you to press the eyelash curler a number of times, rather than pressing and holding, to extend them and allow the shape to hold for longer.

Fix dried out mascara with saline solution

Dried out mascara is really annoying. Maybe you forgot to put the lid on, or it’s a little old but you don’t have time to grab a new one. The best way to get your mascara back is to add saline solution to the pot and mix thoroughly. You can also use eye drops, if you have some lying around, to extend the life of your mascara.

It is important to note that old mascara should be thrown away and you should always check that your makeup is still in date before you use it!

Apply leftover eye cream to your lips

If you’re always overusing your eye cream, some MUAs have suggested putting the excess on your lips. While eye creams are designed to constrict the blood vessels under your eyes to reduce inflammation, and lip creams are designed to plump and expand the lips, if you want to hydrate your lips, eye cream will do a good job!

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