6 Ways You Can Customize Your Copper Range Hood

When you want to have a beautiful range hood, you should know that there are many ways that you can make it look incredible. Customizing copper hoods is relatively easy, and you can get precisely what you need regarding the finish and other areas. To get some ideas about what you can do, look at our list below.  

Think About The Finish

With copper hoods, you can customize the finish and get different types of colors to make the item work well with the room. Consider the lights, the room’s setup, and how the hood will look. Typically, the best idea is to go with neutral but solid colors. Think of a deep woody, earthy brown or a tan or grey. If you’re bolder, think of pink blush.

The Finish Will Determine The Texture

On copper hoods, you’ll see that the finish determines what type of texture you have. For instance, stainless steel will produce a smooth surface, while a copper finish has more unique options. On the other hand, an artisan finish will only be hand-hammered. 

Copper Hoods Offer A Strap Finish

The straps will be about an inch wide and made from gauge metal. This is because it’s nice and thick. The placement and quantity depend on the size of your hood but also the shape. 

The Rivet Style Depends On The Finish

If you choose a polished brass finish for copper hoods, a popular option, you will notice that you will need smooth rivets. However, if you go with other options, you could experience a low profile or a pyramid style.

You Can Insert A Fan Into Copper Hoods 

Many don’t know this, but you have the option of inserting a fan. This is an excellent option to ensure your area doesn’t get overheated. Copper hoods can be adjusted, so you get just what you like. If this is the option for you, remember that you’ll need to be careful on choosing a wall mount or an island. Depending on your preferred option, you won’t have the opportunity to have a big fan, and it may be smaller than you like. 

Consider The Pot Rail Finish That You Need

This is different from the finish that we mentioned above. This finish is used for storage and easier access to the things you need to hang up. That creates an easier time for you, making the look elegant and sleek. You can also get unique color styles and designs that make copper hoods stand out more efficiently.

Customizing Copper Hoods Is Simple With These Options

When people look at copper hoods, they think about how they can make them their own and have options to make them more attractive. The possibilities are endless, and you can choose between elegant and traditional, bold and modern, with new furnishing options that make the hood look incredible. Remember, the copper hood will be in your house, so it needs to be something you love. 

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