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6 Ways to Improve Product Experience – An Amaze PXM Exclusive Guide!

Product experience management (PXM) forms the very foundation of a business’s digital aspirations and drives customer experience. From centralized management to enriched content, the right tool can enable businesses to push the limits and improve product experience tremendously.

As the eCommerce market evolves, customers want more from their online shopping experience. While increasing online sales present great opportunities to businesses, they also come with challenges. With more businesses selling online, customers get a wider variety to choose from. And in this deluge, it is the business that provides the most relevant and detailed product information that takes the cake. This is what makes product experience absolutely invaluable.

Product experience is all about how a business can give customers the information they are looking for to make a purchase decision. While product information management (PIM) ensures that businesses lay a strong foundation, product experience management (PXM) helps businesses take it to the next level. With the tenets of PIM – a centralized data repository for stakeholders, PXM ensures that product information is delivered to the right customer, and in accordance with channel standards.

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And if you’re looking for the best way to get started, here are the top 6 product experience improvement tips to hit the ground running:

  1. Centralize product data and workflow management
    The foundation of a good product experience lies in a sound PIM platform. Get a platform that allows you to centralize product data storage and management, and you will have a one-stop shop to control product experience as well. Doing so will ensure that departments across your business, as well as external stakeholders have a single source of truth for accurate, up-to-date and relevant product data. Even better, if the tool allows you to manage workflow and access levels, product experience is bound to get better.
  2. Create and optimize
    Apart from product information storage, a good PIM platform evolves to a better PXM platform when you have the power to create/author product data and optimize this data for a seamless product experience. For example, the ability to create attributes across categories and control taxonomy has a direct and tangible effect on search and browse experience. Similarly, the completeness of data can also be seminal in making these experiences meaningful. So, if one team makes an update to product information at one touchpoint, a centralized platform will ensure that it reflects in real-time for all other stakeholders, and eventually, the customer.

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  1. Ace product data syndication
    Whether you’re a supplier, manufacturer, distributor or retailer, you will be faced with the challenge of handling large volumes of inbound or outbound data. With automated data syndication capabilities for onboarding and distribution, businesses can do away with the hassle of maintaining multiple spreadsheets and systems. Solid syndication practices ensure that data is onboarded or distributed according to channel standards and requirements; eliminating the possibility of duplication, formatting issues, errors and missing data.
  2. Validation management and quality metrics
    With all the above systems in place, you still need a robust set of governance rules for validation management. Businesses must be able to set quality rules and standards to ensure that product information is in keeping with channel requirements. Parallelly, visibility of data quality is equally important to maintain product experience without hitches. A good product experience tool will let you identify errors in catalogs, prioritize efforts and correct errors and issues in bulk. These systems can also be trained to avoid these issues in the future.
  3. Leverage enriched content and digital asset management
    With enriched content and digital asset management, you can go beyond the basics. The focus shifts from merely providing content that describes your product to enriching content that drives buying decisions. With digital assets and enriched content, you can create differentiated experiences for customers, helping your brand to stand out from the competition. You can also drive personalization, which can have a direct impact on driving loyalty and sales.
  4. Unleash AI and ML
    AI and ML in eCommerce is no longer a luxury for a few. You can now easily deploy AI and ML solutions to build catalogs faster than ever before. Apart from providing smart recommendations to build and populate categories, these systems also deploy machine learning to ensure constant improvement. As the system gets smarter, so does your business.

With Amaze PXM, you get all these capabilities in one smart, user-friendly package. The SaaS ensures a strong PIM foundation for businesses, while also enabling them to take the next step and build for the future! It enables businesses to take product information and unleash the power of product experience.

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About Author:

Blue Meteor Inc. headquartered in Chicago, US. is a SaaS company pioneering in creating eCommerce software and technology solutions. Blue Meteor’s primary focus is on transforming B2B and B2C companies by establishing an efficient and effective eCommerce strategy built on the bedrock of product experience.

Developed by Blue Meteor, Amaze PXM is industry’s first intelligence powered native cloud software that gives businesses end-to-end control of their product data, catalog creation, experience design, digital asset management and data syndication. Amaze PXM is a culmination of Blue Meteor’s two decades of experience in the product content industry gained by working with world’s leading Fortune 500 companies to create best-in-class product content and customer experiences.

With 3 global offices in US, UK and India, Blue Meteor’s mission is to enable merchants and brands to sell more by delivering best-in-class online Product Experience.

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