6 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting an Aged Care Facility

Seeking out the best and appropriate aged care can sometimes be a difficult and confusing task for one to take onboard. Whether you are in charge of selecting the best aged care for your parent, loved one or friend, you will want to ensure that they are in the best hands possible.

To help simplify the process, we spoke to experts in aged care in NSW about what to look for, what to avoid and some key issues that everyone should consider when choosing the best aged care facility. Read on to find out more. 

  1. First Off, the ACAT Assessment 

One of the first steps that one should take when selecting an aged care facility is to go through the ACAT Assessment. ACAT, or Aged Care Assessment Team, will visit your home to review your needs or the needs of your loved one. They may even possibly approve eligibility for either community care services that are delivered straight to the home, or entry into a residential aged care facility.

For those who are eligible for residential care, a full copy of your assessment will be given to you and you will need this when filling out residential aged care applications for you or your family member. This is an essential step in your journey, so don’t forget to contact the ACAT team.

      2 .   Do Your Research

When it comes to selecting the best aged care facility, research is key. You will want to ensure that you have thoroughly looked through reviews and experiences that other people have encountered at various facilities, in a bid to familiarize yourself with their reputation and whether they will be a right fit for you or your family member.

You can also request references from the aged care home or contact details of others who have loved ones staying there. Accreditation reports are a very helpful tool that you should utilise. 

      3.    Keep It Close To Home

There is nothing worse than your loved one having to stay in a facility that is miles away from his or her family. This is why it is so important that the location of the facility is convenient for family and friends to visit regularly.

You will also want to make sure that the location offers the opportunity for the resident to be able to get outside and connect with the community through various activities, whether that be shopping at a supermarket or attending church sessions at a nearby cathedral. 

      4.    Health, Wellbeing and Support

Of course, you will want the facility of your choice to have all the health, wellbeing and support provided for your loved one. This means ensuring that there is round the clock medical supervision, after hours services, therapy programmes, rehabilitation and palliative care available on premise.

Are there policies and plans in place for when a resident’s needs change and they require higher-level care? All these are things that should be looked into before making the choice of what aged care facility to choose – the quality of life of your loved one is in your hands, so make sure you make the best decisions for them. 

      5.    Respectful Staff

On top of fantastic facilities and medical care, one of the most important things to look into is whether a facility has respectful staff. Are staff friendly to residents and their families? Do they appear happy to be doing their job, and is this reflected in low staff turnover? Do they know residents by name? All these are points to look out for. 

      6.    Overall Impressions

Last but not least, your overall impressions of a facility are key in making the final decision. If the place looks untidy and unkempt, chances are this is not the best option for your loved one. At the end of the day, aside from looking at the facts, also go with your gut.

Always remember to include your loved one in the decision making process, so that they feel like they have had a say in where they will be staying. Keeping your loved ones happy and healthy is the whole point of this journey, so never shut them off. 


We hope that these 6 pointers for choosing the best aged care facility for your loved one have assisted you in taking that final leap. Good luck! 

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