6 Technical Features to Consider When Buying a Used Car

Wichita, a city in Kansas in the USA, had a plan to diversify its economy. This plan was fulfilled with the incredible improvement in the car industry that has been increasingly focused on for over a decade. 

Car manufacturing in rural Kansas is a $15 billion industry. The state has one of the country’s highest per-capita car ownership rates. Each of the roughly 100 counties in the state is home to several auto parts manufacturing plants.

The vast majority of these plants are located in rural areas in the Midwest. Many people there invest in used cars, and the company that builds them is a significant employer. Many dealers are also in the business of used cars for sale in Wichita. Many of them specialize in selling both used and new cars.

The Kansas car industry is into every other business of cars. They often boast their technical features. Besides the general safety function, several technical considerations need to be addressed. So, here are the details about the technical features that one must consider when buying a used car.

Engine head gasket 

The engine needs to be able to withstand impact forces, and the engine head needs to be able to withstand the g-forces. The head gasket needs to be able to withstand high temperatures (up to 600 °C). A head gasket can be made from aluminum alloy, while the engine is made from steel. It prevents engine oil and coolant leaks. 

Rubber hoses and belts

Rubber hoses and belts (RHB) are safety devices that protect against impact and the wear and tear of road-based traffic. RHB is also used in buses, trucks, trains, and other vehicles. It is also used in heavy machinery (such as tractors) and other vehicles. Like any other part, it gets old with use. So, checking for cracks is very important.

Engine oil and coolant 

The engine oil and coolant can assess the overall health of the engine oil. If the engine oil is black, it implies that it has not been changed for a long time. If other colors like blue, green, and orange are present, there are cracks in the hoses and belts. Do not pick these cars.


You will have to drive the car to know about the suspension. While driving, look for squeaky noise when you accelerate or pitch a brake. You can quickly feel the mounts and shocks. Thus, suspension can also tell a lot about a used car. Choose long or steep roads, and take the corner cuts in Wichita to determine the quality of the suspension.


This is again one of the best features to assess the health of a car. You must check the color of the exhaust gas from the tailpipe. It should be invisible, but you can consider it till the color is light black. When you find white smoke, it rarely indicates the combustion chamber’s coolant leak. Never choose a car that has a greasy tailpipe.


A used car must give decent protection to the underbody. Please crawl down and know whether the underbody is rusted. Most cars have a small quotient of rust, but too much of it does not make the used car worthy.You can save a lot of money by purchasing used cars. Many dealers are now advertising used cars for sale in Wichita. They also have low depreciation and insurance rates, making them very affordable. However, there is no need to get a poor-quality used car. Take the help of the dealers, check for all the mentioned features, and then decide.

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