6 Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Maintaining commercial refrigeration equipment is essential for keeping businesses running smoothly. Not only can regular maintenance help extend the life of your commercial refrigerator, but it can also help ensure that all foods and beverages are stored at the correct temperature. 

To ensure your business runs at its best, here are 6 tips for proper commercial refrigeration maintenance.

Clean Condenser Coils Regularly

Regularly cleaning condenser coils can dramatically improve efficiency and lower energy costs. This process should be performed by a certified commercial refrigeration technician who will use appropriate tools to carefully remove any dust or debris from the coils. 

Doing this regularly will help maintain optimal performance and prevent your system from overworking itself and consuming too much energy.

Inspect Door Gaskets for Proper Sealing

Inspecting door gaskets is key to ensuring the overall health of your refrigerator’s interior environment. If these seals are not working properly, food and beverage items within could spoil prematurely due to external temperatures affecting internal temperatures within the unit. 

The gaskets should be inspected regularly, preferably by a certified technician, and any signs of wear or tear must be replaced immediately in order to keep up with routine maintenance standards.

Monitor Refrigerant Levels and Adjust 

Monitoring refrigerant levels is an important part of maintaining your refrigerator’s cooling system because too little or too much refrigerant can cause serious problems in terms of efficiency and performance levels. 

A certified technician should be called in to inspect for leaks as well as top off the system if need be, thus restoring optimal cooling performance levels back into your fridge once again.

Check Compressor for Proper Lubrication & Oil Levels

Checking on compressor lubrication/oil levels will reduce strain on the motor and help prevent breakdowns due to lack of proper lubrication/oil distribution throughout the whole cooling system inside the fridge unit itself.

Commercial refrigerators require oil changes typically every six months as part of routine maintenance protocol; so make sure you’re staying on top of these issues if you want your fridge to last longer than expected with Compressor Overhauls to avoid costly repairs down the line!

Tighten All Electrical Connections

When it comes to electrical connections in a commercial refrigerator, it’s important that they are regularly checked and tightened if necessary in order to prevent any potential fires due to loose connections causing sparks or shorts in wiring harnesses across various parts inside the unit itself.. Additionally, all electrical connections must also be insulated properly so that no exposed wires create dangerous situations either inside or outside ​the appliance​!

Keep the Area around the Refrigerator Well-Lit & Clear Of Obstructions

It’s vital that you keep an adequate amount of lighting near where your commercial refrigerator is placed at all times – this includes installing high quality Commercial lighting supplies both indoors (nearby) as well as outdoors (if applicable). Keeping good visibility around this type of equipment allows personnel with access easier access when needed while also avoiding any possible tripping hazards due to low light conditions or obstructed pathways! Additionally, make sure that nothing is blocking air flow through vents inside/outside ​the appliance​ either – something like this could lead to overheating issues within components leading towards potentially expensive repair costs down line!

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