6 Careers In Gaming

If you had to ask any kid if they would like to work in the gaming industry for a living they would jump at the opportunity. Most up and coming professionals have been surrounded by video games all their lives. They are used to the digital age which is a great thing considering that the pandemic has accelerated it. There is more to gaming than being an actual professional gamer, the people behind the scenes tend to be ignored.

The video gaming industry itself has grown tremendously in recent years which has meant that there are more careers being introduced. Every gaming company has to have a large development team that ensures the game design is right until the final product has been produced. They also make use of IT Support because it improves their flexibility and helps them stay ahead of tech trends and application trends too. For anyone who is interested in the gaming industry, they should know that it is worth billions. The gaming field is fantastic because you don’t have the same responsibilities in every position, and you tend to work flexible hours.

There are many fields in gaming but to name a few there is designing, developing and selling. People need to look beyond programmers, producers and engineers. When an industry is this big it needs people in fields such as marketing, finance and communications. The opportunity for growth in a particular job is tremendous. Below are a few careers in gaming that you should definitely take a look at.

  1. Game Designer

If you are someone who is creative and would like to work on the technical side of things then you should consider becoming a game designer. This job would entail developing concepts, characters and storylines for games. You would also need to see it through that the final product of the game is produced correctly. This is a fantastic job, especially for people who want to work remotely during today’s age because it requires a lot of collaboration that can be done online.

  1. Game Tester

There cannot be anything more exciting for someone who has a passion for games being able to test a game before it is released. A game tester provides quality assurance while the gaming is being developed. The quality assurance would be identifying bugs in a system or if the game is running smoothly. A game tester’s input is extremely vital for the final production of a game because their input helps developers and designers make the necessary adjustments if they have to.

  1. Technical Support Specialist

Modern games have become very complex, online gaming can sometimes have a lot of technical problems. This is where a technical support specialist comes in because they provide help with issues like troubleshooting. Troubleshooting can mean a user cannot install their game or the game keeps crashing. A technical support specialist needs to possess the necessary expertise for any issue because should they not it could result in the downfall of a game.

  1. Software Developer & Computer Programmer

Without a software developer and computer programmer a game will not exist. They are the people who actually turn a vision into a reality. Developers help create a game that the designer envisioned. While a programmer creates the necessary code for turning those designs into commands that a game can read.

  1. Audio Engineer

An audio engineer’s job is to create soundtracks for a videogame through the use of computers or electrical tools. If you are a gamer you have probably come to access multiple sounds and songs that you like and that have stuck with you for years. Well, the audio engineer is responsible for those memories and this is a prime example of a job that is often overlooked. All your favorite characters only have their voices because of an audio engineer.

  1. Project Management

When a game is being developed and deadlines need to be met then a project manager is the go to person. They serve as the middleman between design team members and their higher ups. Their main objective is to be wary of any potential issues and have come up with solutions already should there be any problems. There is also a budget that is allocated to developing a particular game and a project manager needs to ensure that the game is produced within the budget.

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