6 Career Pathways You Can Take To Pursue After Getting A Fashion Degree

Fashion’s core concept is not only limited to creative flairs, artsy projects, or styling your next outfit. This vast field presents the aspirants with all kinds of work positions that you can apply for with a fashion degree.

From merchandising to advertising, there are a ton of options that will help you make a stable career in this fast-paced industry. On average, there are over 2.2M pursuing a career in the fashion world, growing at a rate of 2.01%. 

Working in this trillion-dollar industry requires a good eye for detail, strong interpersonal skills, and a competitive spirit. Here are 6 careers paths to follow:  

Fashion Designing

One of the most preferred career options in the industry, fashion designing allows you to design and create garments. Usually, students with a fashion degree from top institutions are more likely to opt for this field. 

You will probably join as an intern or assistant in the early stage. You can expect higher work positions or even plan to launch your fashion label with time. Different areas of fashion design include:

  • Knitwear Design 
  • Women clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Accessories

Fashion Buying

Fashion is a form of communication that you need to be fluent in. Apart from the aesthetic sense, you also need to stay updated on the upcoming or current fashion trends. As a fashion buyer, you will have to source and buy designer products that meet clients’ requirements. 

Visual Merchandising

As the nomenclature suggests, visual merchandising fundamentally leaves behind a creative impact. You will be required to predict future trends and come up with visual themes for promotional campaigns. Staying within the budget, you will have to work with architectural features to make more space seem available. 

Fashion Marketing

Fashion brands require a dedicated team to represent their ideas to the world and run regular promotional events. It can include organising giveaways or familiarising people with the latest product launches. The ideal candidate must hold a fashion degree to develop marketing strategies. Additionally, you will also be responsible for promoting press releases. 

Fashion Blogging

Growing up, most teenagers tend to sneak in fashion magazines and style themselves according to the latest fad in the market. Today, the same happens over social media. There is a massive demand for bloggers who represent various cultures and bring more awareness to sustainable fashion. Additionally, you can also:

  • Review designer products
  • Interview fashion designers
  • Compare prices for different brands
  • Attend fashion events

Fashion Product Managing

If you have a knack for management, you can join a fashion label and oversee the entire cycle of any clothing item. You will also be in charge of ensuring the proper implementation of safety mandates.

The fashion industry is very diverse and offers multiple career options based on different core fields. Based on personal preferences, there is a range of choices for any individual holding a fashion degree. 

You can pursue fashion designing if you want to create new garments and present your ideas to the world. For entering the advertising or branding field, you can opt for fashion marketing. Similarly, you can also choose to freelance as a fashion blogger. 

In short, there is a myriad of professional niches you can follow after entering the fashion industry. Even though you might come across a few challenges, the resulting benefits are sure to make all your efforts seem worthwhile. 

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