6 Best Free MP4 Player for Mac & Windows

Yes, there are over billions of videos uploaded on the internet throughout the Globe. No doubt that they’re quickly created just because of the emergence of the gadgets that can capture them. A video is something that can quickly catch our attention and even combines visual and audio media. Normally people stream videos to entertain, learn, or sometimes for education concerns. When it comes to technical sides, they usually save a video in the universal Mp4 format, which is readable by most smart devices. Even if the movies are stored in WEBM (WEB MEDIA) format, they seek for online WEBM to MP4 converter to convert WEBM file to MP4 and then stream video on a particular device.

Well, to watch Mp4 (MPEG4) videos, you need a reliable video player. Bear in mind that not all of us can be able to stream the video on its original quality. Thus, we are going to list a few best MP4 player that works best on Windows and Mac.

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KM Player:

This is referred to as a Korean-based media player that works best on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It is packed with powerful playback technology that can be able to access UHD MP4 videos for up to 60 fps and 8K resolution. Moreover, if you want to keep your resolution high while converting WEBM to MP4 file, and then choose an online WEBM to MP4 converter right now.

Also, KM Player provides you with the HQ Video Render function that can assist you in rotating your video. While you can be able to download .srt files and then embed them into the MPEG4 videos to swiftly stream and sync subtitles. The great thing is that recently this media Player removed all the ads entirely that popping up from their user interface. Well, for MP4 files to and from conversions, you can visit theonlineconverter.com where you get free WEBM to MP4 converter to turn WEBM files to MP4 videos online and certain other tools.


RealPlayer is indicated as one of the best MP4 players for Windows. Billions of users prefer to use this media player around the globe. Now, you could easily manage and organize all your MP4 videos through its media library and even create a playlist. However, if your video file is packed within .webm format and your current media player does not support this file, then don’t worry more. Simply convert WEBM to MP4 with the free use of an online WEBM to MP4 converter and then stream your converted file on RealPlayer right now.

Also, this media player lets you protect your video files with a PIN code to keep them private. Apart from that, it can allow you to download as well as convert videos. But, for conversion, it takes a couple of minutes. And, if you have WEBM files and want to turn them into MP4 files, then we always suggest you seek for free WEBM to MP4 converter online, which takes a couple of seconds to convert WEBM to MP4 video.

GOM Player:

GOM player is a well-known player to stream your MP4 video files. This tool can be able to stream all of your videos aside from the ones with MP4 format. Remember that this media play can support certain video formats like MKV, MOV, AVI videos, and much more. But, it can’t allow you to turn WEBM to MP4 video file, to do so, you simply proceed with the online best WEBM to MP4 converter.

Additionally, GOM media players can easily access and even play an entire playlist without any hassle. The great thing about this player is that it lets you play and even access 360° videos in HD (High-Definition) quality. Moreover, the free version of the GOM player can be able to access MP4 videos for up to 1080p resolution frame size. On the other hand, its Pro version allows you to stream 4K UHD footage without lag.

VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player plays a significant role as the best Mp4 player on the internet. It is a 100% free and compatible platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, it works tremendously with iOS and Android Smartphones. This means that now you can easily stream your MP4 (MPEG4) videos anytime or anywhere you want. The upside about the VLC media player is that there are no ads on its interface even though it is fully free. Also, this media player works as the best WEBM to MP4 converter that converts WEBM to MP4 files within a few simple steps.

Media Player Classic:

If you are seeking a lightweight free MP4 player, then Media Player Classic is the right choice to proceed. This handy media player supports the most standard video extensions like MKV, FLV, and much more. However, this media player is well-known for streaming full-length MP4 movies. Besides that, if you have WEBM media file format and you want to stream it on Media Player Classic, then it’s best to convert it into MP4 with an online WEBM to MP4 converter before streaming it.

Also, this classic media player is most recommended for an old version of computers that are packed with low specifications. This player is packed with simple UI that is easy to understand through which you can easily play, adjust the volume, make a pause, and much more.


Yes, Potplayer is another media player that can be able to access MP4 videos in 3D animation to provide you with the best viewing experience. Also, this player lets you bookmark the video time bar in case you need to rewatch a favorite scene. Apart from local MP4 video files, you can even be able to insert a DVD into your PC and stream the full content by using Potplayer. Moreover, it comes with a preview option that shows you some scenes in screenshots.

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