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Top City-1’s 5G Emporium is a mixed-use development. It’s another contemporary architectural landmark. 5G Emporium is one aesthetically attractive building among the drab architectural surroundings. Overall, the structure has a luxurious aura. It is designed with the needs of today’s digitalized world in mind, as well as a dash of elegance and worldwide standard features. Jamshaid Khan Associate & Architects designed it.

This masterpiece of genius includes a diverse shopping complex, business offices, and sumptuous residences in a variety of price ranges. 5G Emporium, on the other hand, exemplifies how modernism is combined with comfort and style. It’s also good for investment because of its ideal location. It’s a joy to renew your lifestyle with quality, with a truly calming air. You may also like to learn about the Silver City Islamabad.


Top city has approved a NOC for the 5 G emporium.


The 5 G Emporium may be found in Top City-1. It’s located on Jinnah Boulevard in Top City-1, to be precise. The 5G Emporium is also in close proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, it provides them with a taste of a refined lifestyle.

5 G FLOOR PLAN The Emporium Floor Plan was precisely created to keep up with the current trend of luxury and modern living. It is a five-story structure in total. Parking spaces are designated on the bottom floor. Get the idea from Eighteen Islamabad.

There are 33 parking spaces available. Shopping centre spaces are available on the lower ground level, ground level, and first floor. Corporate offices will be located on the second, third, and fourth floors, respectively.

 Meanwhile, on the 5th level, apartments are available in the following categories, each with detailed details:

Studio Apartment

1 Bedroom



5 G FACILITIES Emporium is a cutting-edge business. It intends to deliver first-rate facilities. Among the primary services provided are:

  1. Surveillance and security
  2. CCTV surveillance
  3. Elevators that are efficient
  4. Apartments of the highest quality
  5. Corporate offices with a professional appearance
  6. Shops with plenty of space
  7. Fitness facility with a pool
  8. Zone for children to play
  9. BBQ Sitting Area on the Terrace


Work on development is progressing at a rapid rate.


The developer is 5G, and that project is their showpiece. The architects are In the real estate industry, Jamshaid Khan Associate & Architects is a well-known and reputable name. It has more than a decade of expertise in this industry specifically. It also contains inside and external design, as well as selling and buying experience. They create a project with a three-stage strategy that includes precise planning, excellent communication, and on-time delivery.

Its main goal is to establish long-term relationships with the highest level of client satisfaction. In addition, the company has completed a variety of commercial and residential projects around Pakistan, including Dominion Mall, Warda Hamnah, Al Ghani Mall, and others.

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