5 Ways to Motivate Your Kid to Study After Summer Break

Summer break is the perfect time to relax and, of course, take a much-needed break from school. But, after summer break is over, it’s time for kids to adjust their mindset and get back into the swing of doing schoolwork. We’ve come up with five tips to help motivate your kid to study after the summer break. Know about the Full Form Of IXPRL.

#1 Remind your kids that summer break is ending

The summer break is pretty long, and it can feel especially long for younger children. Towards the end of the break, they might even start to forget they need to go back to school altogether. As summer break starts to come to an end, begin reminding your child that they’ll be heading back to school soon.

It can be helpful to use a calendar with the semester start date clearly marked. Be sure to check it on the school’s website first, as dates might differ from school to school. For example, this international school in Shanghai comes back from the summer break on September 1. Each day you can get them to cross off the previous day so they can see how many days are left until the new semester. You can even mark down days where you need to get some school prep done, like buying new uniform items, stationery, or other school supplies. Doing this will avoid kids feeling shocked that they’re heading back to school and allows them to mentally and physically prepare.

#2 Create a proper working space for your child

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to get work done at home when you don’t have a good place to do it? A messy bedroom or a cluttered table can be really distracting. Before the summer break is over, work together with your child to create an amazing spot for them to get homework done. 

Let your kid pick things to decorate and organize their space with, like a pencil holder, paper trays, a calendar, perhaps even some family photos. You could buy these things or even make them yourself or repurpose things you already have at home. Allowing your kid to design their own working space will make them more excited to use it as well as more excited for school to begin.

#3 Motivate your child with rewards

In a perfect world, all children would be motivated purely by their drive to do their best at school. But, as most parents know, this isn’t always a big enough motivator for kids. Sometimes, more enticing rewards can help motivate them, and in the end, produce the same result of hard-working students. 

For example, you could tell your kid that after they complete a piece of homework, they can play their favorite video game for an hour. Or, if they complete all their homework for the week, they can do a fun activity on the weekend of their choice. 

#4 Continue learning throughout the summer break

A big reason why motivating kids to resume working after the summer break is sometimes a challenge is because they’ve gotten used to not doing any work. Getting your child to continue exercising their brain throughout the break can make it less of a shock for kids when they return to school. 

Consider learning with your kids at home over the summer. You could do a worksheet a day on reading, handwriting, math, English, or whatever you think is best. Try talking to your child’s teacher if they’re available if you need more advice.

#5 Get to the bottom of why

If you’ve followed all of the above tips and yet are still finding your child is struggling to stay motivated after the summer break, try to determine the cause. Are they feeling unmotivated because they’re not confident with the class? If so, it’s important you speak to their teacher to find a solution.

For example, do you feel they frequently want to be doing something else other than studying (like playing games, watching TV, using the tablet, etc.)? Perhaps you need to start setting boundaries for these activities, such as limiting the amount of time they’re allowed to spend using/doing them each day.

Remember, you’re always welcome to contact the school if you think you and your child need some extra help to get motivated. Good luck!

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