5 Ways to Help Your Kitty Give Up on Her Plastic Chewing Habit

A pet kitty chewing on plastic must be a matter of concern for cat parents. The primary risk associated with ingesting plastic is it may induce vomiting and diarrhoea in your pet. While this is a minor issue, eating plastic may lead to severe medical complications like gastrointestinal obstructions that demand surgery. Other related hazards are choking or suffocation and critical mouth problems if your pet kitty chews on hard plastics.

If your fur baby licks, chews, and eats plastic, take her to the vet immediately. You never know what condition she may be in until your vet diagnoses and advises you about the required treatment. Cheap pet insurance comes to your kitty’s aid in times like these, just like how it supported your pet in the earlier times and how it will have your pet’s back for the times to come.

Cat insurance no doubt helps your pet in such emergencies. But as a feline parent, what can you do to prevent your kitty from eating plastic?

Interactive playtime

Boredom can lead to much negative feline behaviour, one of them being plastic chewing. Cat parents need to make time in their daily schedules to bond with their kitty. Cuddle and play with her if you wish to enrich her life and reinforce positive behaviour and curb unwelcome habits.

Engaging toys

Shop for some toys for your kitty that mimic a prey’s behaviour. For instance, buy movable wand toys like birds or mouse toys that run around like rodents and hide and seek toys. Such toys help your kitty in getting the feel of chasing and hunting that she so craves. It could be the best idea that helps exercise her predator instincts, keeping her more cheerful and healthy.

Scratching posts

Providing your kitty with several of these can help release her pent-up energy. Kitty loves to mark her territory and also exercise by scratching. Having these posts around satisfies your kitty’s instinct and helps save her from cultivating poor habits.

Enrich her life

We humans have a mundane life to attend to. So, it is impossible to spend every moment by your kitty’s side. You will have to leave her alone when you head out for work or to complete chores. Make sure she doesn’t get bored in your absence. Keep kitty busy with some activities.

Hide her treats in different places, so she may hunt around the home to locate them. Having puzzle toys that dispense treats on completing them is also an option you can explore. Cat perches help her relax by the window side, and climbing towers/trees allow her to climb up and down when she feels like it. In all, have things that keep your pet active indoors, so she ignores plastics and stuff.

Behavioural training

Ask your kitty to drop the plastic and reward her move when she does. Positive reinforcement is a brilliant method to teach her not to chew/eat plastic. Or when she has plastic in her mouth, divert her with some other enticing toy or call her to show something exciting. 

Further,  your vet concludes the chewing is due to obsessive compulsive disorder , he may prescribe short-term medications along with the behavioural modification activities you are engaging your fur baby in at home for better results.

Above all, cat parents need to put away these hazardous items in places inaccessible to their fur pals. It must be a standard protocol to be followed in the household. It might seem a monumental task on your shoulders, but with cheap pet insurance at least your financial burden of pet health care is lifted considerably. Cat insurance covers much of your kitty’s vet visit bills, medicines, and other treatment costs. If you don’t have a plan, purchase a policy to make the entire affair economical.

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