5 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom with Style for Less

The bathroom is one of the least thought-about rooms in the house, but it will surprise you how much time you spend there. The average time spent in a bathroom, in a lifetime, varies with gender. Men will spend an average of 2 years and 125 days, while women spend about 2 years and 40 days in the bathroom.

The numbers vary according to region, but there is not that much difference entirely. It is also important to note that your bathroom is potentially one of the dirtiest places.

If you are not keen on cleanliness, your bathroom will be a breeding ground for germs. The areas you need to take particular care of include:

  • Your bathroom wall corners – they may have mildew
  • Your bathroom towels and hand towels
  • Your bathing accessories like shower brushes and scrubs
  • Your shower heads
  • Your water drains
  • Your bathroom switches, knobs, and handles

The fact that the bathroom is most of the time wet makes maintaining it much harder. If you do not take time to dry your bathroom or have proper ventilation, mold will develop.

A clean bathroom will create a comfortable experience. You can take things up a notch by making your bathroom beautiful. A beautiful bathroom will make you look forward to spending time in the area and give you a better experience.

When hosting guests, they will visit your bathroom. A beautiful bathroom is one way to wow your guests. You can add beauty and style to your bathroom by doing the following things:

  1. Organize Your Bathroom

You may have many empty bottles and objects lying around your bathroom. You may also have items you rarely use on display. Dispose the unnecessary objects, and give your bathroom a neater look, which is more pleasing.

Arrange the items you need neatly in containers or your shower caddy. It is ideal to use the corners of your bathroom. Get yourself a bathroom vanity. The vanity cabinets are both eye-catching and useful.

You can store all your bathroom supplies in the cabinets to reduce clutter. You can also get additional lights for your vanity mirror. Use warm-colored lighting to create a light mood near the mirror. Finally, install elegant faucets to match the mood you want for your bathroom.

  1. Get a Bathtub

Source: Pexels

Showers are a great way to clean up after a long day, but have tried having a nice long bath? Swap out your shower for a bathtub and experience the heavenly feeling of a freestanding soaking tub. 

Most bathroom experiences are individual, but you do not have to conform to this standard. Get yourself an extra large soaking tub for two where you can easily move around. Or perhaps get cozy with a loved one. You will save on water and enjoy some good moments with a partner. Also, bathtubs effortlessly look beautiful and grandiose.

  1. Introduce Some Scents

Your nose plays a role in how you experience a room. The smell in a room can trigger a mood change and affect your stress levels. Based on research, your mood towards a scent is determined by the association you made when you first encountered the smell.

If you had a terrible first encounter with lavender, your mood becomes dull when you smell lavender. There are multiple ways you can give your bathroom a distinct smell. One of the easiest ways is using sprays.

You can get a scent machine that periodically sprays your bathroom automatically. You can also use essential oils to scent your bathroom. One of the easiest ways is to use a diffuser to expel the oils. Get a modern humidifier that allows you to control it with your phone.

Alternatively, you can spray the essential oils yourself. You need an empty spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and your preferred essential oils for this. You can also use scented candles for your bathroom. Light a scented candle when you have guests or want to take a long bath.

Finally, you can use flowers and plants. Flowers are nice to look at and they also smell nice. Plant your favorite flowers in the yard and harvest them when you need a new bunch for your bathroom. 

  1. Add an Artistic Touch

Source: Pixabay

Bring life into your bathroom with an artistic touch. Get rid of the bland walls and put on a fresh coat of paint. Take your time and experiment with colors until you get what works for you. Remember, you do not have to paint the same color on all your walls.

Mix things up a bit. You can also hang a painting or famous quote in the bathroom. Paintings are a great way to add life to your walls. The artwork draws your attention and keeps you fixed on that section of the room.

You can also add color to your bathroom by adding plants. Get one or two low-maintenance plants for your bathroom. Succulent plants and cacti, such as panda plants and aloe vera, are ideal for a bathroom setting.

  1. Match Items

Have you ever walked into a room and marveled at the level of detail? Your bathroom can be a masterpiece as well. Take your time and go out shopping. Look for bathroom mats, shower curtains, toilet seat covers, towels, and containers of a particular color. 

If possible, get a matching set of each in a different color. Pick colors that contrast with your bathroom colors. The main idea is to make the items noticeable when you enter the bathroom. You can alternate between the two sets of colors to ensure you do not get bored with the single color.


Your bathroom needs attention like every other room in your house. Pay extra attention to your bathroom when you are cleaning because it can breed germs easily. Also, ensure you have proper ventilation in your bathroom to get rid of moisture and dampness.

Take your time to beautify your bathroom because you spend a lot of time there. You do not have to spend a lot of money remodeling; a few changes to your organization and color scheme will do. However, if you have it in your budget, remodel your bathroom to your liking.

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