Types of Forklifts

5 Types of Forklifts You Can Buy For Your Business

Forklifts are machines designed to lift heavy loads. They are used in warehouses or factories where they move materials around. They come in various sizes and configurations, depending on your requirements. A forklift is an essential tool for handling large loads.

Investing in a quality forklift would be wise if you plan to expand your business. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have the proper lifting equipment. Moreover, they are the most versatile vehicle in factories and warehouses, making them indispensable.

There are several types of forklifts for sale that you can choose from depending on your budget and requirements. So, if you are looking for a new model or want to upgrade your current machine, here are five types of forklifts:

1. Telehandler

This type is also called a reach forklift and is a combination of a forklift and a crane. It has an extendable arm with twin forks to ensure the machine can lift pallets. A standard machine has a load capacity of 5,500 pounds and can lift this weight up to 19 feet above the ground. This makes the telehandler ideal for reaching odd angles and tight spaces.

2. Warehouse Forklift

Another type of forklift for sale is the warehouse forklift, a recognizable lift truck that looks like a golf cart but has twin forks at the front. This forklift is ideal with plenty of inventory because it is excellent for transporting them to delivery trucks and loading and unloading pallets. The essential industrial warehouse forklifts can lift 5000 pounds, while the heavy-duty models lift 25,000 pounds. So, if you need a machine to raise and transport heavy items over short distances, this type is perfect.

3. Side Loader

Side loaders are a subtype of warehouse forklifts and are more common in steel and manufacturing facilities with bulky items. As the operator stands sideways, the side loader unloads it. Because of its sideways operation capability, it can comfortably drive along racks and load and offload without turning. So, a side loader is an ultimate choice if you are looking for forklifts for sale that can navigate narrow pathways and handle long loads like pipes. Its main feature is the ability to move in the load’s direction.

4. Heavy Duty Forklift

This type of forklift for sale functions as a telehandler and warehouse forklift. However, it cannot reach odd angles like the telehandler but can lift loads much higher than a warehouse forklift. It has a maximum load capacity of 30,000 pounds and is also called a large capacity forklift. Its key feature is its hydraulic levels that balance power and reach, making it perfect for transporting heavy items in industries.

5. Counterbalance Forklift

Counterbalance forklifts are popular lifts with weight at the back and forks in the front to counterbalance the load weight. Without extending arms, this forklift can move directly toward the load. There are two types of counterbalance forklifts for sale: the stand-up forklift that allows operators to hop in and out between loads and the three-wheel variant that is perfect where the operator is required to maneuver in circles.


Getting a forklift is a big investment, so ensure the machine will be perfect for your space and application. Otherwise, the wrong machine will be troublesome and is not an ideal investment.

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