5 types of flowers that grow in shady positions

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year for many, and certainly the most beautiful for all lovers of flowers, decorative grasses and evergreen seedlings who are looking forward to the warm weather to start beautifying their flower gardens.

Most of the flowers thrive in sunny places. However, do not despair! There are several types of flowers that are just as beautiful and grow nicely in shady positions.

Even if your garden is mostly in the shade, you can still turn it into a real beauty – of course, if you make the right choice of flowers. Many beautiful plants will be growing well under a large tree in the shade or in flower beds, hanging pots or planters. But before you plant anything, pay attention to how much shade you have. Full shade means three hours or less of direct sunlight, while partial shade equals three to six hours of direct sunlight.

If you think you need a lot of sun to grow beautiful flowers, think again. We have prepared for you this list of plant types that thrive in the shade and create real beauty.


Hydrangea is one of the favorite flowers of gardeners because of the large flowers and the variety of colors in which it is available. It can be planted under a tall tree, and can often be seen planted next to a fence or footpath where it fits in well as it creates a beautiful shrub with a variety of flower colors.

Their ideal position is a place that gets the morning sun and the afternoon. It needs to be watered regularly, especially on the hottest summer days.

Impatients svastara

These beautiful flowers available in many colors will surely bring freshness and variety of colors to your shady garden. Impatients do not require any special care – it is enough to make sure it is regularly but moderately watered. It grows best in full shade and begins to bloom in early spring and all summer. It is available in white, pink, red, colorful shades, and other colors.


The lobelia creates an abundance of intensely colored flowers throughout the season. It has small flowers that can be white, pink, blue or purple. It has a lush growth and looks great when it is planted in a hanging pot or on the ground next to a path where it will create a beautiful “bed” of colors. The soil in which it is planted needs to be constantly moist.


This annual plant polovni automobili srbija is a really great opportunity to make a combination of several different flowers, which you would emphasize due to the large green leaves of this type of plant. Ipomoea or sweet potato is specific in that it grows very fast and in a short time it will cover the whole fence if it is planted in a planter, or it will cover the whole flower bed if it is planted on the ground.

In combination with other types of flowers or planted alone, this type of plant is a paradise for the eyes. Plant it in a larger pot in order to make room for it to grow and develop quickly. Be careful, if you combine it with other flowers, that it is also dense growth because the sweet potato can outgrow and cover it.

Ipomoea batatas 4 zida ‘Blackie’

This plant is just one subspecies of Ipomoea batatas. It differs from the green species in the shape of its leaves and the flowers that are present, unlike the green species that does not produce any flowers. In addition, both species require the same care and develop in the same way. Sweet potato is a plant that can be grown by anyone – even beginners in gardening because it does not require any special care.

We hope you make the right choice when planting flowers and enjoy the beauty and serenity they bring!

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