5 Things To Remember While Wearing a Necktie

One fashion accessory for men that is considered a symbol of sophistication is a tie! This small but really important accessory is now one of the staple clothing pieces of a men’s wardrobe. 

Whether you’re attending a business meeting or your best friend’s wedding, you don’t want to leave home without a necktie! To complete your entire outfit look, a classic tie is necessary! That’s why every gentleman out there has a few pairs of neckties in his closet. 

Today men’s neckties are available in so many different types, sizes, colors, and fabrics. You can buy neckties according to your outfit or occasion. Ties are popular and trendy these days; many people still don’t know how to wear the right tie. A tie is one of those clothing pieces that anyone notices first about your look. So, it’s quite important to select the tie wisely.  

Do you also feel lost and confused when choosing a necktie? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! 

Today in this blog, we will tell you how to select the right tie for the right occasion. There are many factors, including length, width, colors, and fabric, that you need to think about before putting on a tie. That’s because neckties are available in different kinds, which don’t suit everyone’s style. Hence, picking the right tie that compliments your outfit and your personality is necessary.    

So if you’re struggling to select the right necktie, keep reading this blog. Below are the top 5 important things that are useful while wearing the right tie. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Width & Length

Want to know about the secret of a good outfit? The key to always dressing well is to keep in mind the proportions! The length of the tie should be such that it always reaches your belt, neither above nor below.

The common width of neckties are: 

  • Super Skinny: 2″ wide
  • Skinny: 2.5″ wide
  • Modern: 3″ wide
  • Traditional: 3.25″ wide

Tie Lengths:

  • Boys: 48″ long
  • Regular Length: 58″ long
  • Extra Long: 63″ long   

2. Fabric

The next thing you should look for while buying a tie is fabric. Today ties are available in various materials such as silk, cashmere, linen, cotton, knits, wool, and synthetics. 

You should select the necktie fabric according to the event. For example, silk ties are best for formal settings like weddings and black-tie events. On the other hand, wool ties are more appropriate for business outfits in the winter months, and for summer, you can wear linen and cotton ties. 

3. Color & Pattern

The choice of the color and pattern mostly depends on the occasion. Solid colored ties are perfect for professional settings. You can wear these ties with blue, black, or dark-grey suits. You can see which hues work with your suit, your shirt, or your skin tone, and pick a tie in similar colors that complements your entire outfit.  For example, if you’re wearing a patterned shirt and blazer, make sure that your tie complements the core colors of the shirt or blazer.

Here are some of the most common tie designs: 

  • Solid colored Neckties
  • Striped Ties
  • Polka Dot Neckties
  • Paisley Ties
  • Knitted Ties
  • Christmas & Festive Ties

4. Knots

Next, you should know how to tie a tie knot properly. Your tie knot should always match your shirt’s collar and the event’s theme.  

Below are some popular tie knots: 

  • Four-In-Hand Knot
  • Full Windsor Knot
  • Half Windsor Knot
  • American Knot

5. Occasion

It’s always best to know the occasion you are dressing for because it will make your entire tie selection process easy and quick. For business meetings and job interviews, always go with a neutral tie. 

On the other hand, you can try a tie with prints and motifs for festive occasions. And for gala events and casual weddings, opt for silk ties in subtle colors. Always choose a necktie that compliments your outfit. You can also match your tie with other accessories like pocket squares or shoes. 

The Bottom Line

This is all about how to select the right tie. Always consider wearing a tie while going for either professional or festive occasions. A necktie will complete your outfit look and add an elegant factor to your overall appearance. 

You don’t need any professional to pick a tie. Remember the tie width, length, color, and occasion while selecting the tie. The above rules and tips will help you decide the right tie for the right event, and you’ll be able to carry this important fashion accessory correctly. 

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